Gossip Girl Finale Photo: Chuck Bass and Son?

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Does this photo, released just hours before the Gossip Girl finale, show Chuck Bass with his son?

Check out Ed Westwick as Chuck - wearing a wedding ring - and young actor Alexander Bento:

Chuck Bass and Son?

"I've said that there is a dream sequence, a flashback and a flash forward in the final episodes," executive producer Stephanie Savage says of the image, first posted by celebrity news site Us Weekly.

"Which one does this little boy belong to?" she finale's writer mused.

The cute purple bow tie is kind of a giveaway, don't you think?

Even if this is the much-rumored young Henry Bass, seen in the much-discussed flash forward, there's still the matter of Gossip Girl's identity to be discussed, as well as who else winds up together.

Five couples apparently do, and three may come as surprises.

After we bid farewell to Gossip Girl tonight, visit TV Fanatic for a full review and analysis! For now, check out these Gossip Girl clips and share your predictions and theories of what we can expect!

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