Californication Review: Worst Intervention Ever

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Californication Season 6 is underway, but some things never seem to change when it comes to Hank Moody.

"The Unforgiven" bounced back and forth from the first night Hank met Karen to the present day where he was so disgusted with himself that he could not be in the same room as his one true love.

Hank has taken it on the chin many times when simply telling the truth of the matter would have exonerated him, which in a weird way is why we love him. This messy business with Carrie, though, had me shaking my head in disapproval. Someone needed to pull the plug on the obnoxious friend in waiting Sarah.

She certainly wasn't the picture of grief as she sat there reading her InStyle Magazine, but that didn't stop her from going off on a man who had just survived an attempt on his life by the woman she so aggressively defended. Go sell crazy somewhere else, hon, we're all full up here.

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Still, Hank apparently took her words to heart. The resulting guilt combined with crazy Carrie haunting his dreams like some twisted ghost of exes past pushed him over the edge and sent him off on a month long bender. I'll concede that Hank was entitled to some self-medicating after coming so close to death, but I felt like the attempts to show how this self abuse were much worse than all the other nights of pummeling his liver were just a little over the top.

The worst of which had to be the scene where he urinated into the bottle and drank he own piss in front of Charlie. Seriously? 

Charlie's response to getting punched in the face by Hank was exactly what I was thinking and for that reason he made my rather short list of top Californication quotes this week. Then Charlie had to go and make the "holes is holes" comment about Hank walking into the bedroom of the neighbor's son; that was vulgar even by Runkle standards. Come on, man. 

One positive note was when Hank mentioned that he was thinking of writing a new novel, but then it wasn't really clear if he was serious or using it as a set up for a joke. To pay the bills for now it seems we will be in for more scenes with Hank and Atticus Fetch (Tim Minchin). I liked the cut of his jib initially after seeing the set up on the P.J. but I'm pretty sure the reason for his massage not ending happily was that Scarface-sized mound of blow on the piano and not because of his man-crush on Moody. 

I have high hopes for Fetch, I just hope he can give us something more than a lighter hair version of Russel Brand's Aldous Snow. 

I am shocked to say it, but one of the most disappointing aspects of the premiere was Becca in her scene with Hank at the bar. Historically, one of my favorite characters on the show, tonight I found myself bothered by my realization that her voice and delivery have not changed one bit after six seasons. And what happened to her music? She wants to drop out of college all of a sudden now to become a writer? I thought she would be cutting records by now. 

I was happy to see Marcy's face and hear her pouty potty mouth, but did not know what to make of the man hating sit in lead by Janice Rossi from Friends

The best moment of the episode was seeing Hank and Karen breaking bread at La Bonbonniere in the West Village during Hank's opening dream. They have hands down the best blueberry pancakes I have ever tasted. 

Hank in rehab I hope will offer up some great opportunities for fun in upcoming weeks, although you know he is going to most likely meet a sexy female with impulse issues there and go down the same path as usual, which will no doubt put him back in hot water with Karen. I'm down for the same old song and dance, but give us something to build on. What did you think? 

The Unforgiven Review

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Some crazy bitch tries to kill you, you defend her honor. Your best friend tries to help you, you punch him in the face?