Girls Review: Stalkers and Slutty Von Trapps

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A lot went down on the Girls season 2 premiere, but unfortunately "I Get Ideas" was slacking.

Things really didn't get engaging until the end of the episode when the Adam and Hannah drama went down. You know, when she accidentally called 911!

Hannah and Jemma

Oh Hannah, don't you know you can't just call 911 unless you're having an actual emergency?? If you want your ex-boyfriend to stop texting you start by asking him and cutting off contact. Take back your key, don't let him in for "snuggle and milk" time. Maybe before calling up the "PoPo," as Adam would say, call your cell service provider? I may or may not have had to make this call for a close friend of mine a few times. Aren't that what best friends are for?

Best friends are probably NOT for sleeping with your gay ex, but, hey it happens. George (aka Pauly Shore's twin) was just not having any of that. It's interesting that he was saying Elijah's too young and immature when George was the one who was acting like a drunken teenager last week. Not that it was any excuse for Elijah's cheating but still... don't say his immaturity is the reason.

I'm torn between Elijah not wanting to tell Hannah and Marnie wanting to tell her. Both have valid points. Usually honesty is the best policy but Elijah is right that Hannah will take it so personally and make it about her when truly it was a blip of a moment that happened when two people were not in their right minds. Or as Elijah said: 3 pumps, 2 and half pumps before he lost his boner.

Between Elijah's break up, Adam's stalking, and Sandy and Hannah breaking up over his political views and him not liking her essay (be real Hannah, the essay was totally the reason) the only healthy dating couple on this show right now is Shoshanna and Ray! Seriously, was their conversation about bathing a pig one of the weirdest yet oddly intimate moments you've ever seen? I think the only better line was when Hannah dropped a Missy Elliot lyric and pretended not to realize it.

Why don't you lay this thing down, flip it, and reverse it because I don't think it's very nice. | permalink

I referred to Ray and Shoshanna as the healthy "dating" couple because of course Jessa and Thomas John are now married! Thomas was rocking that fedora and Jessa was actually pregnant during filming and it was sorta impossible to cover up. She looks great either way and Jessa seems really happy and complacent. Then again, if my new husband bought me three puppies I'd be ecstatic too! Not sure how I feel about the names Garbage, F*cker, and Hanukah though...

Also great call on Elijah's part that Marnie looked like a slutty Von Trapp child in her new uniform. So dead on and perfect! While I didn't love the episode overall, I do think it had its moments. What did you all think of this week's Girls?

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I know I always said he was murdery in a sexy way, but maybe he's murdery in a murder way.


It was like 3 pumps, 2 and a half pumps and then I lost my boner.