Last Resort Review: The Nature of Mutiny

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All Hell broke loose during the penultimate episode of Last Resort, as almost everyone ended up threatened with "The Pointy End of the Spear."

Prosser's Showdown

Overall, this was a thrilling episode with a heart-pounding set up for next week's finale... but I have one request: Can we ditch Kylie's love life? It's boring and unnecessary. I like Kylie so much more in the scenes where she's not with her boyfriend.

Although I suppose I shouldn't complain too vehemently.  She did utter one of the best Last Resort quotes of the night after bedding said boyfriend:

 I've been having sex in a random hotel room all night because the thought of sharing a Wiki page with John Wilkes Booth, that really does it for me. | permalink

As plans for the coup d'etat moved forward in D.C., things on the island were disintegrating fast. Marcus' own crew was blowing up the Chinese supply ship and Prosser was calling the shots. 

Mutiny was on everyone's minds as Chaplin shored up his alliances with Cortez and Grace, Prosser rallied the troops to cause more havoc and Sam tried to play both sides against the middle. Suddenly it felt as though everyone was spying on everyone as tensions came to a boiling point.

One of the best confrontations of the night was when the Captain and the Master Chief finally came face to face and put their cards on the table.

Marcus: You want to wear the big hat, Joe? Come take it off my head. | permalink

No doubt, Prosser planned to do just that.

Unfortunately, those loyal to Marcus had become few and far between. Even his most trusted XO no longer had his back. Although, in Sams's defense, I think he truly believed he was trying to save Marcus' life and get them all home.

It's hard to tell how clearly Sam was thinking. He's still mourning Christine while experiencing some serious jealousy over Sophie's new living arrangements with Serrat.

What was Sophie's plan there? If she thinks she can hold Julian off for long, she's mistaken. Not only does he expect to take over the mineral rights for the island he expects Sophie to end up in his bed and he is not a patient man. He also has quite the ruthless streak so if Sophie gets caught playing him, she may not make it out of that game alive.

Even James got sucked into the fray. I was surprised how quick he was to offer to head to Australia with Tami. Did he really love her or was she just a willing substitute for Grace?

I never believed James would sail off into the sunset but the way he broke Tami's heart was just cruel. Of course, telling her he'd slept with Grace was the one way to ensure she'd leave the island without him and not look back. I suppose hurting her to keep her safe was his way of showing he cared.

I hoped but never truly believed that Kylie and the Admiral would be able to overthrow the President. I figured the plan would fall apart somehow but I never guessed it would end with the Speaker swallowing his gun while on the podium in front of a live viewing audience. 

That certainly ramped up the drama.

The fallout back on the island left Marcus with mutiny at his door but it didn't surprise me that Grace had his back. I loved their earlier conversation where she vowed her loyalty in her Captain.

Marcus: I haven't always trusted you.
Grace: Your cross to bear, Sir. | permalink

Even though I believed Grace would fall on the Captain's side of the fight, I still found myself holding my breath waiting for that second flare.

Now we are headed into the Last Resort series finale with two well-armed camps on the island willing to do battle over the sub while Julian and the Chinese wait in the wings to see which side emerges victorious, if any.  Kylie has been sidelined back home by her Daddy and Christine is still MIA.

And why not throw a vengeful rapist into the mix just to keep things interesting? Despite the show's cancellation, next week's finale of Last Resort should be must see viewing on everyone's list.

The Pointy End of the Spear Review

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He is scum of the earth and you're letting him show you off like he owns you.


I've been having sex in a random hotel room all night because the thought of sharing a Wiki page with John Wilkes Booth, that really does it for me.