Elementary Round Table: "A Giant Gun Filled With Drugs"

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In "A Giant Gun Filled With Drugs," Elementary fans caught a break from the typical murder case and were taken along on a spin to find Sherlock's ex-drug dealer's missing daughter.

In this edition of the Elementary Round Table, Kate Brooks and Jim Garner of TV Fanatic - along with Amanda from Grizzlybomb.com and Brian from Geek Magazine - respond to this exchange and many, many more...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Kate: I really enjoyed watching Watson lay down the lay with Rhys and when she smashed the head over the DEA Agents head. I love Joan!

Jim: I enjoyed Holmes telling Watson that he wanted to share his story at a meeting. While he covered it in the guise of it being for others benefit, it was great to see him realize he needs to work his program to stay sober.

Amanda: I equally loved the scene where Sherlock got his clock cleaned by Michael Irby and any scene where he mentioned the name of the nightclub. Even more so when he made a point of mentioning that it was "hurrikane a K"

Brian: The part where Watson breaks Angus over the DEA Agent's head to save Rhys was my favorite. For the first time in the series, I found myself rooting for her.

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The case centered around a kidnapping and not a murder. Did you enjoy this change or do you prefer the usual cases that we see?
Kate: I did enjoy it! I like Elementary for what it is but it was a nice to have a break from all of the blood in death.

Jim: I liked the change of pace. I'm hopeful that we can continue to get a variety of crimes.

Amanda: It was quite nice to have a different type of case. I'm with Jim, I hope they try and work a few non-murder cases in every once in awhile.

Brian: Yeah, it's a nice change of pace and John Hannah (Spartacus) was awesome as Rhys. Even I like the occasional happy ending.

How did you feel about Rhys? Even when he was trying to get Sherlock to relapse?
Kate: I didn't like him at first. But towards the end I sympathized with his character and understood his desperation to find his daughter.

Jim: I love [actor] John Hanna, having him as a tie to Sherlock's life in London and to his "using" ways was great. You knew he had to try and get Sherlock to chase the dragon again and thought it was the only way he would find his daughter.

Amanda: I am a fan of Hanna (loved New Street Law), too, and liked the character Rhys as well. I was with Watson and wondering why he seemed really calm in the midst of searching for his kidnapped daughter but he did show his panic and desperation quite well when trying to get Sherlock to start using again.

Brian: The guy was desperate to save his kid and he more than redeemed himself at the end. I have no issues with him, and anyone who does is being unrealistic about the circumstances.

Watson was a bad ass this episode? Did you enjoy seeing her in the more "superior" role?
Kate: Absolutely! This was my favorite part of the episode. I enjoy seeing Watson being strong and kick ass. I always appreciate a woman being represented as a strong and independent type.

Jim: I loved it. I was thrilled to see Watson taking such a protective and strong role. Sherlock may have thought he was above it all, but Watson knew different.

Amanda: I think she did great. I've not been in a position of having to be the person standing between an addict and relapse but I would have to imagine it would feel a bit like herding cats at times. It was nice to see that part of the character.

Brian: Honestly Sherlock's addiction is my least favorite part of the show and I think it's time they move on, especially after this one. You can come back to it when he eventually relapses, but he proved himself sober, let's concentrate elsewhere. Watson can prove herself useful in other ways, but yes - it was nice to see her so protective of her friend.

Sherlock didn't relapse: Surprised or did you know he wouldn't?
Kate: For the most part I didn't think he would, but there were a couple moments there that I thought he would. I am very glad he didn't.

Amanda: I wasn't really surprised. Much like cliffhangers that suggest a main character has died, we know he's going to live. It would be difficult for the show to continue in this vein if he were to relapse.

Brian: Not surprised, but the actions of Rhys did force Sherlock to call his father, so more importantly I think he now knows for sure that Watson isn't on the pay role any longer.

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