Elementary Round Table: "Details"

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In "Details," Elementary fans learned more about Detective Bell and his brother, while Sherlock tried to find who was framing him for murder.

Along the way, Holmes revealed to Watson that he knew she had lied to him about his father extending her stay as a sober companion, offering her a partnership as his apprentice as a result.

In this edition of the Elementary Round Table, Kate Brooks and Jim Garner of TV Fanatic - along with Amanda from Grizzlybomb.com and Brian from Geek Magazine - respond to this exchange and many, many more. Gather around now!


What was your favorite scene in the episode?
Kate: I really enjoyed the where Holmes revealed to Watson that he knew she lied to him about staying on as his sober companion. "A very curious thing happened... You stayed."

Jim: I adored watching Holmes and Watson as he confronted her about the lie and that he didn't really care because he understood why she did it and then promptly offered her a job. When he said "I am better with you," that was as vulnerable as we have ever seen Holmes - and Miller pulled it off brilliantly.

Amanda: I really liked the scene where Bell finds his brother. I think they did a good job of building up to that and then you could feel that panic as he calls and waits for the ambulance.

Brian: Sherlock throwing the tennis ball at Watson and her knocking over the locks was great.

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What was your favorite quote from the episode?
Kate: "I'm better with you Watson."

Jim: Watson's "For this to work [basketball to the face]... could have been a knife"

Amanda: Oh, without a doubt it would have to be "What's your damage?" Any time you can work in a Heathers reference is a winner in my book.

Brian: Agreed, Jim: "Could have been a knife" after Watson hits Sherlock with the basketball.

How did you like learning more about Detective Bell?
Kate: Yes! He's always been a very static character and now he's interesting and has something to build on.

Jim: It rocked! It fleshed out the character so well and I was thrilled that he is now a much deeper individual AND more attached to Holmes/Watson in the end.

Amanda: So far I think they've done a fair to middling job when it comes to giving the audience a bit more of a background on each character. I do wish they'd find a way to work their involvement into the story arc as a whole. It feels like we don't see any of Detective Bell, or the Captain until it comes time for their episode.

Brian: I liked to see Malcolm Goodwin working now that 'Breakout Kings' is off the air, and I like Bell so it was nice to see him as the central character for a bit.

Are you missing the typical murder-centric investigations?
Kate: Not at all. I am enjoying the range of cases we are seeing.

Jim: Nope! Having this variety is actually a great because it gives us a chance to see Holmes in other elements.

Amanda: I am not, actually it's quite refreshing to have episodes that aren't the typical "find the murder victim, look for suspect, that's the wrong suspect, oh wait, no that's the guy all along" story.

Brian: No, there will be plenty of time for that, these last few episodes have actually been pretty good, so I'm happy with the direction.

Watson and Holmes are officially partners! Thoughts? How did you like how it played out?
Kate: I am ecstatic! I do like how it was played out. It was drawn out and was just touched upon without making it a big deal even though it was.

Jim: First thought: YEAH!!!!! I loved how it played out. Now that she's officially changing careers and the lie is out in the open maybe her therapist will ease up on her a bit. I especially liked that Watson didn't toss her entire previous job out the window, as she did put a requirement in that they go to group meetings. Very well done, and by taking 16 episodes to get here it feels like a much stronger bond between them.

Amanda: I'll admit at first I was getting a little irritated that they were seemingly dragging out this sober companion thing but looking back, the slow burn probably worked better in the long run. The writers didn't just come out and in the second episode establish them as partners so we got a chance to see the back and forth that will no doubt color their partnership going forward.

Brian: Well, as I said last week, calling his father would teach Sherlock that Watson was lying, and the writers seemed to agree that the 'sober companion' approach was played out, so I think the show can really start advancing now that those things are out of the way. Early in the season the show felt sort of like a chore, but I'll admit to actually looking forward to it now. It's not great, but it's grown on me and seems headed in the right direction.

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