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After last week's intense suspicions, Emma has come clean to at least one person in the Mercer family. Now that Laurel knows the truth, "Catch Her in the Lie" was all about the next step in the plan.

Here, it was time for Emma to get in some face time with Mommy Dearest Rebecca.

Emma Pretends To Be Sutton

When we kicked off The Lying Game season 2, Sutton was the one with the plan. She and Rebecca were scheming behind everyone's backs, including Sutton's twin sister. Rebecca even told Sutton as much tonight when Sutton tossed out the idea of bringing Emma into the fold. Rebecca thinks she makes the plans. Oh, Rebecca, the tables have turned.

Thanks to that random nurse who remembered that Rebecca was Emma's mom and dropped the bomb, Emma is now officially clued in. Now she's recruiting members for her team. It's not too hard to convince people to be on Emma's side when in four months she's showed how different she is compared to 17 years of Sutton. Sutton is pissed because she knows she's on the outside now.

Mads shouldn't be worried about being left out and "voted off the island" when Sutton is in the picture. Sometimes I feel bad for Sutton and want someone on her side, but she shouldn't be so secretive and bitchy all the time. She almost had Ethan back, but once again lying screwed her. No wonder this show is called The Lying Game, that's all that happens! I will say that Sutton has obviously been scared into keeping quiet.

Anybody who knows the secret of the twins is in danger; time has proven that to be true. | permalink

I'm fairly convinced at this point that Alec didn't kill Derek. But now Ted has come into the picture with the 20K in bank withdrawals just when Derek's mom surfaces with a bag full of money. Does Ted know about the twins? Why is it all so dangerous? Theresa knows the truth about the twins, does that put her in danger? 

Once again I'm left with more questions. Things I hope happen between this week and next: Ethan and Mads only bond and don't hook up. Thayer and Emma do hook up. That's about it. What'd you think of this week's episode of The Lying Game?

Catch Her in the Lie Review

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The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Sutton: Trust me.
Rebecca: Well that's just it Sutton, sometimes I'm not sure if I can.

If anyone found out that you know about me and Sutton your life could be in danger.

Emma [to Laurel]