Grimm Exclusive: Reggie Lee Teases "Rumpelstiltskin" Episode, A Puzzling Case

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Violence in video games normally happens within the world of the game, but when you bring gaming into NBC’s Grimm, you kinda know things are going to get more involved than that.

In tonight’s “Nameless," a killer plays a deadly game and it’s a pleasant surprise that Sergeant Wu (Reggie Lee) is the one who ends up playing a vital role in solving the case.

Lee jumped on the phone with me yesterday to tease the episode, as well as what he knows about when Wu might find out about the beastly goings-on happening right under his nose, along with who in the cast he spends time with on the tennis court.

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TVF: Let’s talk “Nameless.” How would you describe the episode?
RL: This is their take on Rumpelstiltskin. The crime happens at a video gaming company and [the crime] happened in such a way that [the killer] is involved in one of the games that you play online. So we have to try to figure it out and he spurts out all these puzzles at us and I actually am the one to say, ‘Hey I love puzzles’ because what else does Wu do? [laughs] Nothing but puzzles in his life, apparently. And so I end up really kind of spearheading this investigation into solving the crime. And eventually you’ll see how it turns out and how we kind of solve it. But it’s kind of like the game within the game.

TVF: So we find out Sergeant Wu is into gaming and he hear about his cat.
RL: Last year I mentioned my cat, Samson, and we were only introduced in my apartment to this kitty condo. That’s all you saw. You never say Samson but now they reference him quite a bit. And, yeah, Wu is a gamer. This character is one of those characters that’s kind of the wild card of the show. You can kind of take him in any direction and put him in any direction. But in one respect that excites me but in another respect it scares the crap out of me because they can do anything with me.

TVF: Wu still doesn’t quite know what’s going on around him with the Grimm stuff and Renard but any chance is he going to clue into any of that before this season is over?
RL: You might see a little bit of it. I just got the last script, so I haven’t read that yet. He gets a little bit of a hint but I’m hoping. I mean, me as Reggie, I’m hoping. But for the writers I know that with these particular characters, as you can see even with Renard, it was a slow burn. But we’ve got great some great fan support and we’re hoping to go another season. It looks good. So, you know, I think for them to burn it off, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did not do it in this last episode only because I feel like they’re saving it.

A lot of the tweets that I have gotten have been ‘When is Wu going to find out because we really want to see that!’ They want to see his reaction. I think NBC is privy to that and I think they know that it will be a pretty big story point and they’re so focused on the mythology right now.

TVF: After all this time, have they still never said what Wu’s first name is?
RL: We did not pick a name at all. It’s interesting because I was like ‘Wu? I should be Lou.’

TVF: Lou Wu. [laughs]
RL: There was a rumor that NBC wanted to do a contest to try to figure out what Wu’s first name would be. And I don’t know if that’s going to happen. I’ve heard through the rumor mill that it’s going to be an upcoming story point. But, no, you have not missed a thing.

TVF: You’ve done so many things in your career along with Grimm. What would fans be surprised to know about you?
RL: I started on Broadway doing musical theater but before that, I actually was aspiring to be a professional tennis player. In fact, I still play tennis with Silas and with Sasha when we’ve got the little off time that we have. That was actually what I wanted to do. But, Jim, I did not grow beyond five eight and a half so that would never have worked in this day and age. Although Michael Chang did it quite well, but right now it wouldn’t work. But, yeah, tennis is a big passion. That and food and dessert but you probably already know about that. That’s all I tweet about is food and dessert.

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