Grimm Review: Curiosity

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"Nameless" is filled with plenty of interesting side stories and plot development, but Grimm’s procedural story is better left forgotten.

A Wesen Killer

Juliette’s curiosity, and her slowly reemerging memories, is beginning to break her from her boring, season long shell. It’s a welcome change to witness the character I came to enjoy as Grimm Season 1 went towards its finale begin to come back. At this point, aside from Wu, everyone knows of Nick and his extracurricular activities, so Grimm isn’t the least bit afraid of Nick’s family secret getting out to immediate friends.

In terms of shocking reveals, the news that Nick comes from a long line of fairy tale ass kickers will probably be a little shocking to Juliette, but Juliette’s experience with the Wesen world is considerably deeper now; any more delays would just feel fraudulent, so she might as well join the pack.

Speaking of the pack, Juliette’s recruitment of Monroe and Rosalee into her recovery process brought up a detail that I never really thought about: Rosalee has never heard of (or been to) Nick’s trailer. It’s usually part of the welcoming committee, when one finds out Nick’s a Grimm and they join the team one of the perks of joining is getting to see the trailer.

It’s disappointing Rosalee missed out on this initiation process.

Renard’s conversations with his spy really began to shed some light on what is going on in the Royal Wesen world. The Royals are secretly trying to dissolve of the union and attempting to put themselves back in power, and, while Renard wants to continue on the resistances’ side his spy is growing increasingly wary of Meisner – a man who is only looking after himself.

Renard seems to be stuck in the middle of two sides that shouldn’t want power at all, and it begins to paint of picture of how Nick could be of such value to him. The Grimm are the enforcers of the Wesen world, making sure they do not prey on humans or other Wesen, and if Renard can bring about an alliance with Nick for all the Wesen world to see – after the Grimm basically cut ties with the Verrat and the Royals – could send a very powerful message to the Wesen world.

As for the case, it couldn’t hold my interest. The mixing of the Grimm world and the video game world sounds entertaining on paper, but the villain is mostly boring and the victims were mostly one note characters riddled with clichés. The only positive to come out of the case is Wu, who finally gets some screen time beyond calling for backup or making a quick one-liner.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Is the episode number going to be on every apartment door from now on? I would be okay with that.
  • I like to imagine Wu heard Nick using the Grimm terminology on top of the roof.
  • Renard’s flash drive of names is reminding me of Arrow’s list.

Nameless Review

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