The Carrie Diaries Exclusive: Creator Talks Game-Changing Episode, Sebastian/Carrie Intimacy and More!

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SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading right now if you have not yet watched last night's episode of The Carrie Diaries.

Remember all those secrets that have been floating around the series? They all came out into the open - in dramatic fashion - on "Hush, Hush."

Carrie’s dad found out about his daughter’s double life in New York City, which may have cost her her job at Interview magazine. Walt learned that Maggie had been unfaithful and dumped her. Donna and Sebastian broke up and now he’s looking Carrie’s way; while Donna looks, surprisingly, in Walt’s direction. What is happening on this show?!?

TV Fanatic has turned to Amy B. Harris for the answer, as the show's creator delivers major scoop below on where we’re headed and what we've seen so far...


TV Fanatic: This was the kind of episode where everyone’s story got propelled forward. Was that your intent?
Amy B. Harris: I really felt like this episode was a game changer. My theory on storytelling is you have to care about people before you can blow things up for them so I didn’t want to rush anything. I wanted to enjoy the process of seeing Carrie get to know New York and that Larissa’s offer of a job felt like an exciting and obviously privileged option and they’d gotten to know each other well enough that that could happen.

And with Walt and Maggie blowing up and Donna inserting herself into that relationship and creating one of her own... and that Carrie and Sebastian still have a chance at happiness as her New York life is disappearing... the story Gods take away and the story Gods give!

TVF: Carrie having her first Cosmo was a great nod to the original series.
ABH: In a way, this episode was about the shoes and the drink being more important than any guy she would meet at The Limelight. But there’s always firsts that are important to Carrie Bradshaw but her first Manolos and first Cosmo are the biggest.

TVF: Larissa says in the episode something about waiting in line to do a line (of cocaine) in the bathroom. With that and the clubbing and drinking, is there opportunity to go to the dark side of this lifestyle?
ABH: I’ve been thinking a lot about this season as the age of innocence and the losing of that innocence so I certainly think as time moves on we’ll be able to play around with the darker aspects of it, for sure. And I think Larissa is a part of that darker aspect already... there’s plenty of room to play with that and Carrie is certainly going to make mistakes and will be walking that fine line. I think Larissa is doing that all the time.

TVF: Carrie and Sebastian are both single now so will we see them finally get together?
ABH: I think like what we did with Carrie and Big in that first season [of SATC], you can be together but still have lots of obstacles, some self-imposed and some from the outside world. I think we are going to see them together and this is the start of something exciting but it’s also Carrie’s first big relationship.

And when you have a lot of fear about abandonment – and when you lose a parent that’s a big piece of it – there are a lot of mistakes to be made. Adult Carrie certainly proved herself to be someone who had a lot of fear about commitment…and those are all issues that are going to be coming up for Carrie.

TVF: Will sex become an issue between Sebastian and Carrie?
ABH: I think they’re definitely going to be having bigger discussions about how intimate they want their relationship to become. Unlike George, he does understand how important that intimacy is to Carrie.

TVF: If anyone can bring Walt out of the closet, it could just be Donna! I kinda like that they get paired together in the episode.
ABH: What I love doing in the show are these surprising duos. I think Sebastian and Mouse have been fun in playing out that friendship and Donna and Walt are another one. Maggie’s insecurity allowed her to sit for a long time in a relationship where something was wrong and she thought it was her and Donna has a lot more confidence in that.

What we’ll see in the coming episodes is that [Walt and Donna] are a surprisingly nice match but not necessarily for the obvious reasons. It will help Walt get on his journey to figure himself out. I think Donna is going to be a strangely compatible person for Walt in ways that are unexpected

TVF: Anything else coming up that we should know?
ABH: We’re going to see some fun things happening for Dorrit, figure out why she is what she is and we’re giving her a love interest, which I’m super excited about. I think we’re doing some really fun stuff for some homages and nods to some of the bigger writers in New York in the 80s and that’s coming up.

TVF: Is Dorrit’s new romance with someone we know or will it be with someone new?
ABH: It’s with someone new that we haven’t met yet.

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