Scandal Round Table: "Snake in the Garden"

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Hollis Doyle was back and in need of Pope & Associates fixing on the latest episode of Scandal.

How did this unexpected alliance play out? Join TV Fanatic staffers Christine Orlando, Miranda Wicker and Leigh Raines - as well as Emily from ABC Scandal Fans - to discuss "Snake in the Garden" in our latest edition of the Scandal Round Table.


What was your favorite quote of scene from "Snake in the Garden?"

Christine: Definitely Mellie telling off Fitz. Somebody had to and leave it to Mellie to tell it to him straight and leave nothing out. I really do love her and for all of her faults she deserves better from her husband.

Emily: Favorite scene HAS to go to Mellie's & Fitz's confrontation about the kids visiting. It's definitely one of my favorite scenes with Bellamy Young to date and probably the most human and motherly we have EVER seen Mellie. It also took me by surprise because as odd as it sounds, I didn't expect Mellie to be the one to hold the mirror up for Fitz to see what he's doing to himself and everyone around him. It definitely gave us another insight to the layers of their relationship. 

Miranda: This goes to Quinn trying to find Huck a new family. "Oh look! They have a dog!" "That's not a dog." PERFECTION.

Leigh: Even though we know he is a class A creep, I did enjoy that scene where Jake made Olivia forget about Fitz for 2 seconds. Besides, who doesn't like hearing a laundry list of compliments? I also loved the scene that preceded it: Olivia and Cyrus discussing life and love on the phone as if they weren't at each other's throats last week. They have a unique relationship to say the least.

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Was the break-in at David's related to Albatross or is the man's luck just that awful?

Christine: The man really does have the worst possible luck. Can't anything go his way?

Emily: I definitely think the break-in is related, but with the new player we met at the end of the episode (Joe Morton's character) I'm not sure how its all going to tie together. 

Miranda: I really think it's possible that David is just that unlucky. But hey, if it leads to him becoming part of the team at Pope and Associates, I'll break into his apartment myself. 

Leigh: The break in was probably related because he was with that girl who had the flash drive. That being said, David has the WORST luck! Bottom line is that it got him to Pope & Associates and hopefully he will become a more permanent fixture...

How did this episode change your opinion of Hollis Doyle, if at all?

Christine: Not at all. In part, I'm sure he's helped shape his daughter into who she is today.

Emily: It didn't really change my opinion of Hollis; he's still a cold-hearted, selfish a$$, but it was interesting to see him show some emotion towards his family and that regardless of appearances he has weaknesses just like anyone else. 

Miranda: I think it's a testament to the amazing writing of this show that, even if only for a split second, I found myself feeling bad for Hollis. He put up a brave front about the reality of his daughter's life but really does love her. The look on his face when she chose the money was one of pure defeat.

Leigh: It didn't change my opinion of thinking Hollis is a bad bad man, but it definitely made me more interested in his storyline and background.

Who finds out Jake's secret first: Charlie/Cyrus or Huck/Olivia?

Christine: I think Cyrus figures it out and then has to decide how to use it to his advantage. Despite their unorthodox friendship, I doubt he'll tell Olivia once he figures it out.

Emily: My prediction is that Charlie will get some information since Cyrus has him digging on Jake, but maybe Charlie lets Huck in on things or Huck gets wind of Charlie's investigation and discovers the cameras in Olivia's apartment. But this is so "twisty good" who knows how this is gonna go down!

Miranda: I think Cyrus will find out first, go to Fitz about it, and then Fitz will realize he's basically sicked a psycho on Olivia. Jake has just been a way to throw those two back together.

Leigh: Charlie and Huck were trained and on the same team at some point, so I could see them coming up with the same conclusions at the same time. It's just a matter of how it will all get presented.

Huck finding Quinn a "family." Super sweet or kind of creepy?

Christine: Both. I suppose Huck needs this for his own twisted sanity but I hate the idea of being watched by a stranger and not knowing it. Plus, look what happened to the last family just because Huck was observing them.

Emily: I'm gonna go with KIND of sweet! I mean watching/lurking in te shadows is pretty creepy, but knowing why Huck does it himself and that he picked a family like Quinn's for her because he knew her Dad hasn't spoken with her makes it sweet!

Miranda: Sweet in the creepiest way possible. Huck has really come to care about Quinn because they're the only two who have had to give up their old lives completely. He's doing what he can to take care of her and it's really sweet to watch.

Leigh: I'll go with sweet. Huck is messed up and unconventional and so is Quinn. The gesture would be weird to anyone else, but for them it was really sweet. 

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