Rookie Blue Q&A: Missy Peregrym Teases "Season of Change" for Andy

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With Rookie Blue Season 4 kicking off this Thursday, the the hit ABC drama promises lots of twist, turns and "Surprises" to fill our summer.

In anticipation of the premiere, I spoke to Missy Peregrym yesterday, as she predicts a season of change for Andy and talks about that undeniable chemistry between her and Sam. Read on for excerpts from our exclusive Q&A...


I've seen the Season 4 premiere and without giving any real spoilers away, how many times did you get dunked in the pool while you were filming that opening scene?
You know what sucked about that, is that originally we were able to film that kind of in the Fall but it was still warm out. And then we couldn't because it was raining and there was a thunderstorm so it was dangerous to do it. So we had to go back when it was freezing out and do that and the pool wasn't heated. It wasn't even about getting pushed in, that part I could handle, except for the chlorine that went up my face every time. I'll tell you I have a very hard time jumping in a pool without plugging my nose, even though I'm an adult. So I wasn't able to do that and that part sucked but it was more the freezing cold. I think we had to do it, probably ten times. Yeah, I don't know. I still have a pretty great job even though it sucked to do that. Here I am feeling like an idiot complaining about pool water. People are dealing with much worse things on their jobs.

Andy McNally Close Up

Perhaps it's due to being undercover for several months, but it looks as though Andy is probably as confident as we've ever seen her. How do you think Andy has changed going into season 4?
I think it was a really big deal for her to make that move and not live a life based on a man. Not trying to make everything work in that area and choose herself for a second. I think it's a really strong thing for a woman to do. I think she has grown a lot undercover. She's been gone for six months. She has this idea that everything is going to be exactly the same as when she left. I don't think she made this decision to say she never wanted to be with Sam. She just needed to do this for herself and so I know that it's a shock when she gets back to the Division and people have...

Sam's a detective now. He's been promoted. There's a different dynamic. There's new people in the Division and I'm on the outside looking in. So I think what starts as pretty strong, then I'm extremely vulnerable almost immediately once I get back and I have to adapt. Otherwise I'm not going to be able to do my job.

Andy's been undercover working with Nick for six months. The two have certainly gotten closer. Should fans of Sam and Andy be worried?
I think it's two completely different things. I think the struggle here is that there is an undeniable chemistry here with Sam. Andy will always love Sam but as we've seen in season 3…you have to choose to work through really tough things together if you're going to choose to be in a relationship with somebody and it takes two people to do that. Chemistry isn't always enough to make something sustainable and then you have Nick and Andy where they started this as friends.

They have a very good base and foundation but it's different. I think Andy thinks she's kind of over Sam a little bit and then the second she sees him again, it's like over. So Andy's having to evaluate throughout the whole entire season what it is. Who she is, first. What's important to her and then also kind of evaluating relationships differently. She's being very careful about that.

How much of season 4 have you filmed so far?
We're done. We finished in January.

What do you think is Andy's biggest weakness or character flaw?
That's a great question. That's such a good question. I'm trying to think of which one is this season. I think Andy really likes to kind of go and get it. Whatever she wants or whatever she thinks she needs to do. I think she has great intentions but she's just going to go for it. This year she doesn't get to do that. She's had to really adapt and kind of sit back and evaluate herself. I think she's empathetic to a flaw but I think this next season you see her change. It's a season of change for her, really. She kind of has to develop a new attitude and a new perspective. She has to grow. All of the things that I would say are her flaws are things she's actually working on this year.

There are so many fans out there rooting for Sam and Andy to get back together. Can you give them any hope?
There's always hope. There's always hope for these two to be together because there's such a strong connection underneath. Even though the dynamic is different, there's no way they can be around each other and not have something that is undeniable. You just can't, no matter who's in the picture there's just something there. That's all I'm going to say.

What has been your most challenging scene on Rookie Blue?
I can't really talk about it because it's at the end of the season.

Can you tell us which episode it is so we know to look for it?
It's literally the finale. It's (episode #) 13. There's a scene there that I found extremely difficult to film and I can't say anything because it just links to so many other things throughout the season but we can talk about that later after it airs.

If you could star on any other show currently on TV, other than Rookie Blue, what would be your dream job?
That's a tough one. I think I'm more keen to do comedic type things because of what I work on now. I really enjoy New Girl. I think that show is hysterical. It's idiotic and that's fun. But I also like Girls which is a total different type of comedy but I appreciate it very much.

Rookie Blue season 4 premieres Thursday at 10/9c on ABC.

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