The Big Bang Theory Review: Introducing the Chatterbox

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The Big Bang Theory guys love to go work on projects through the summer, don't they?

In previous finales, Sheldon had an assignment in the North Pole and the guys joined him there. Howard went on a space mission. And, this time, it was Leonard's turn to head out to sea to work on a Stephen Hawking's project. With Leonard and Penny relationship finally in a good place, I feared that he would decide to stay home.

Instead, Penny was entirely supportive of the opportunity. She never even had doubts, which was a pleasant surprise. 

Leonard's New Job

The finale didn't focus on Leonard and his decision to go as much as it did on "The Bon Voyage Reaction" of his friends. Sheldon had a difficult time accepting that Leonard was going away and that he was given such an amazing opportunity. In normal Sheldon-style, he tried to convince Leonard that it was a bad idea. Over and over again. Sheldon didn't miss a chance to talk about the risk of being on a boat, being killed by sharks ... or even crabs. 

Sheldon rarely has a reason to be jealous, but he was here. And Penny schooled him on how to pretend to be happy for his friend. Nice smirk there, Sheldon! Between Howard's trip to space and Leonard's expedition, perhaps it's time for Sheldon to get out there. Though, he would have to adjust to a new environment, which would be exceedingly difficult for him.

There were quite a few funny moments tied to Leonard's decision to go on the trip, but my favorite were when Leonard and Penny discusses the opportunity.

Penny: On a ship? Aren't they afraid Hawking will just roll overboard?
Leonard: Uh, he's not gonna be there. He's just sending a team to research his theory.
Penny: Oh sure. Like when you send me to kill spiders in your bathtub. | permalink

Penny: Oh, sweetie, if you're gonna screw things up, it's gonna be while you're here, not while you're away. | permalink

Penny: Oh, I don't know. Remember what happened when I took care of your goldfish?
Leonard: Well, flush Sheldon down the toilet and get me a new one. | permalink

Once the writers finally let Leonard and Penny be happy with one another, their relationship was the best on the show. They are different, yet they understand and respect each other. They have their troubles at times, but no matter what they make each other laugh. And that makes me laugh at home too.

While their relationship was going strong, Raj and Lucy were having problems. Their social dysfunctions were interfering with their ability to have a somewhat normal romance. Raj wanted Lucy to meet his friends, but she wasn't ready for that. The decision to have her meet Amy alone first was a good idea, but Raj got caught up in Amy's comments. He got caught up in his frustrations over the relationship and put Lucy in the awkward position of defining their status. Oops!

In the end, it was a highly successful relationship in Raj's life. In a Big Bang Theory moment to remember, Raj talked to a woman without alcohol! After six seasons, he's no longer mute. That's a relief because it was getting annoying for him to talk through Howard or for him to be drinking all the time.

Raj: I haven't had a drink since last night.
Penny: You're talking to me.
Raj: I am. And, now I'm crying for a whole different reason. | permalink

Raj may have lost Lucy, but he gained something even more precious. His voice. That should help him find the right woman for him. Though ... by the looks of it, Penny, Bernie, and Amy need to watch out. Raj has turned into quite the chatterbox.

Check out lots of funny lines from the season 6 finale in our The Big Bang Theory quotes section.

Are you glad that Raj can talk to women now? What was the funniest moment or line from the finale?

The Bon Voyage Reaction Review

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Leonard: I know what you are doing. You don't want me going on this research trip because you're afraid to be alone.
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