Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Cat's Cradle"

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All three of our Pretty Little Liars Round Table participants this week agreed: "Cat's Cradle" could have used a bit more excitement to speed things along.

But we still managed to chat it out and would love to hear your take on what we put on this weekly table. So join staff writers Nick McHatton, Leigh Raines and myself by pulling up a virtual chair and sharing in the conversation below...


Caleb's return: Sizzle or fizzle?

Nick: I like that he's jumping right back in, but I also got a bit of a forced vibe, as if Caleb and Hannah were merely going through the motions.

Leigh: Sizzle! Caleb always equals sizzle. He will also do anything for Hanna and even her shady mama. I love his loyalty.

Carissa: I agree with both Nick and Leigh. While I love that Caleb will do anything for his Hanna, she just didn't seem into him at all. It had been ages since they were together. Where was that spark that used to shiver me timbers?

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It's IS summer, so let's continue the sizzle and fizzle with your take on Aria and Jake.

Nick: Well, Jake is certainly sizzling for me...but all the people on this show are gorgeous. Aria and Jake can certainly sizzle as well if given enough time. There's a definite playfulness and lightheartedness that's been missing with Aria since learning about Ezra's little boy and their subsequent breakup, so I'm ready to see that side of Aria come back out again.

Leigh: Again sizzle. But let's get real, how does Aria always find dudes with classic black and white cinematic taste? Unrealistic. Then again this is Rosewood and nothing is realistic. Jake is cute, I dig it.

Carissa: Jake is a great catch. Of course Aria could find a new hottie in less time than it takes the rest of us to dry our tears over the latest breakup. He looks young and he's cultured. He seems a perfect fit, so there will probably be a secret resting in his drawers, if Aria gets in them to find it!

Is it a great idea for Ella to be leaving town?

Nick: It's a pretty odd development for Ella and her boy to go study streusel in Vienna, but I can't blame a gal for wanting to go find love. On this one, I think it might have more to do with Ella not having much to do on the canvas right now, so she's being shipped off. For once I didn't get any A vibes on this one.

Leigh: Honestly, she probably should. The mothers of the liars are definitely not safe. The person who can best protect Aria, is Aria herself.

Carissa: If Aria is still staying with her dad, then why not? She deserves love and that dude is hot. I wouldn't pass it up, but then again my daughter isn't a constant name on the latest murder suspect list at the local police station. Toss up for me.

Where do you stand on Ashley's guilt or innocence?

Nick: It's all too neat and tidy for me. Everything is being set up so methodically and so much guilt is being plastered on Ashley's face. I think A's clear out the mommies text is more indicative of what is really happening. Feel free to split this off into a new question, Carissa - I'm starting to wonder if Mrs. D one of the many A's, but specifically targeted towards the Liars' parents. Mom vs. Mom warfare.

Leigh: Ashley's looking mighty guilty but is it ever that simple? Hanna's dad's gun is missing, the muddy Manolos, the history with Wilden...could it really just point towards the truth? Or maybe A finished off the job?

Carissa: I thought it was hilarious that her standing next to a running bath with her clothes on was supposed to make her look guilty. That's when I decided she's being framed and is scared to death - just like every other person who has been "challenged" by A has been until the get their feet wet. She's gotten her shoes wet, now it's time for the feet.

Could Toby's mom have made the jump? Did anything change your opinion about her death?

Nick: That roof was a freaking terrace! There's no way should have made that in one clean motion to the cement below. Either she had to drop a second time, or it's one giant conspiracy.

Leigh: I'm not sure why Toby's mom is suddenly part of the storyline. I really don't see why A would have an interest in that. I'll repeat what I said before, Radley is a shady sanitarium.

Carissa: I've decided to go with the theory that she was once on the Rosewood High swim team and could make a perfect dive out of the window into whatever crevice she wanted, especially if she was on painkillers similar to Emily's. Seems as good of a theory as any, especially because I think Toby is just using her death as an excuse to Spencer to cover up his dealings with A.

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