Royal Pains Review: The Impossible

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At times Royal Pains seemed a little "Lawson Translation" tonight. Other times, it seemed to hit the nail on the impossible head.

But that just another normal week in the Hamptons for our favorite medical crew.

Hank's Investigation

For whatever reason, I had extremely high expectations for this episode. Perhaps it was because I wanted a lot to go on between Jeremiah and Divya. Perhaps it was because I expected Evan to finally defeat Ballard (though something tells me this really is going to be a season-long arc).

I won't say I was completely disappointed, though. We did, after all, finally learn that Boris really did survive that explosion from the Royal Pains Season 4 finale. Now we know for sure that Dmitri and Boris were brothers and, in true Boris fashion, the story behind their relationship was almost impossibly complicated.

But now the story only gets more convoluted with the introduction of Milosh, Boris and Dmitri's shady cousin. Clearly he stabbed Dmitri when we weren't looking, which resulted in a rather heartbreaking death.

Rarely is Boris an emotional character, but I have to say I appreciated that he shed that to show some real sentiment, and I'd argue, another side of him.

Meanwhile, Hank gained perspective on the incident, setting aside his frustrations with Evan to tell him he missed him.

Of course, we all wonder how much he's going to miss being on vacation once Evan begins to campaign for that spot on Village Council. Was I the only one who saw that from the very beginning? In fact, I thought he was going to stand up right in the middle of the meeting and declare his candidacy. I suppose the only advantage Evan has right now is the element of surprise. If Ballard doesn't know he's running, she doesn't have the chance to prepare a counterattack or prevent him from running.

Who knew Evan was going to get into politics?!?

There is one person in this situation that I feel sorry for, however, and that's Paige. Poor girl wanted nothing but to have some special time with Evan, yet he's so preoccupied with keeping HankMed afloat that he's not made good on his promise to make good on his marriage. Even so, I am sure their relationship will continue to grow.

Another relationship seemingly growing was that between Divya and Jeremiah. Interestingly, much of their growth was literally lost in translation. Every time Divya started to get emotional I was afraid Jeremiah would interpret it in the wrong way and tell Divya he loved her to her face.

He really did utter those three little words - and very unexpectedly. I couldn't help but melt a little bit. As a result, I am actually glad that Divya finally confided her pregnancy to Jeremiah, because this allows him to know where the emotion is coming from. That doesn't mean he won't be looking for little moments where she might be expressing interest in him, but he is certainly keeping his distance just enough to remain advantageously close to Divya.

This episode had enough twists and turns to keep you wanting more while still leaving plenty to build on as the season continues. I'll be sticking around to find out how it all turns out. I hope you will too!

 What was your favorite part from tonight's episode? Do you think Jeremiah will offer to help Divya with her confirmed bundle of joy? 

Lawson Translation Review

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