Wilfred Review: The Nether Regions

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For the second week in a row to start Wilfred Season 3, this FX comedy aired a pair of episodes. And for the second week in a row, Wilfred proved to be the best comedy on television this summer.

"Suspicion" was definitely the funnier of the two, using Wilfy's relationship problems with Bear, Dorian Brown's deadpan bitchiness, and a brilliant run of nether-region jokes to split the sides of anyone watching.

Brotherly Concern

It seems whenever Bear takes a major role in an episode things get dicey quickly and subsequently become increasingly hilarious. The made-up conversations by Wilfy are always fantastic, but my favorite yet might have been him explaining what Bear and Joffrey had to say for this entire half hour.

When Wilfy got mad that Bear told him to "pleasure him orally," I never expected the first thing out of the giant man-dog's mouth to be about Bear doing a spot-on Ryan impression. Those are the perfectly out-of-left-field comments that the writers can make up for Wilfred because like Ryan, we have no idea what Bear is saying...or how he's saying it.

The rift that baby Joffrey was causing between the now divorced Wilfy and Bear also allowed for Gann to do some of his best emoting. The sadness he portrayed as Wilfred gave the double thumbs up while fetching beers for Bear and Joff was unbelievable. The quiet anger he revealed in subtly punching the wall after seeing Joff laying on Bear's leg might have been better.

Gann carries the show, for sure, but without the terrific work of the recurring cast, Wilfred wouldn't be this good. Kristen is supposed to be awful, but Brown does her thing in such a way that it's not only funny, but also endearing in a way.

Highlighted by her hatred of how fat her baby is, and the realization that things never would have worked out between her and Michael because he drives a Honda, Kristen has become a character I get very excited to see when she pops up on screen.

There is nothing like a perfectly executed joke that runs throughout an episode. When done well it can make the whole thing. The nether-regions bit in "Suspicion" did just that. Wilfred kept going on and on about nether-regions time and time again, and it was funny because that phrase is innately humorous.

It could have ended with Ryan calling Wilfy out for using the phrase. But, no, because Wilfred's defense was that it is the technical term for the area, the payoff was fantastic. Michael ending his defensive rant about doing pro-bono medical work for prostitutes with the fact that the girl he saw had an "infection of the nether-regions" was absolutely perfect.

Impressing the Girl

While not filled with as many laugh-out-loud moments, "Sincerity" was another quality episode... if you forgive the vast amount of dog weirdo voices throughout the half hour.  I'm Team Wilfred in that conversation.

Between Wilfred thinking that telling Kim about the time he and Ryan microwaved their toenail clippings was the most important thing to mention... his back pack... shades... and earring-laden strut into the first day of school -  uncontrollably and disgustingly making out with Ryan - there was still plenty to like about the second episode this week.

You throw in the fact that Ryan used a terrible Australian accent for his weirdo dog voice for Wilfred, and it was an extremely successful night.

Check out some of our favorite quotes from the hour below; then head to our Wilfred quotes section for all the best lines from the series.

  • Wilfred: Ryan, check out this internet site I found. It's for people who just want to have raunchy, demented sex...no strings attached.
    Ryan: Stuffedanimalstore.com?
  • Wilfred: On the count of three, let's both say our penis sizes. 1, 2, 3, tiny!
  • Wilfred: I think we have all the evidence we need. I say we go back to Genaro's, maybe split an appetizer, definitely try the cannelloni with walnuts and fried sage - it's all anyone's talking about on Yelp - and then stab Michael's face three or four dozen times.
  • Kristen: You took Joffrey out without his hat? He could have gotten pneumonia!
    Ryan: I'm sorry. I didn't think about it.
    Wilfred: I actually did think about it, but I wanted Joffrey to catch pneumonia because, well, dude's a dick.
  • Kristen: I doubt it would have worked out anyway. He drives a Honda...and he's so pale.
  • Wilfred: These women weren't having sex with a pilot or a doctor. They were having sex with a lie. But more sick and depraved than that, they were having sex with a dog.
  • Wilfred: That is not what I was thinking! I was thinking how ironic it is that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves yet he himself was a slave to a weird beard style.

What did you all think of “Suspicion” and “Sincerity?” Which episode did you prefer? What was the funniest moment from the hour? Which part didn’t you like? And will Wilfred and Bear ever end up happily ever after?

Suspicion Review

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