Franklin & Bash Review: The Smoking Banana

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The two hottest lawyers on TV are now on the beach. I'm loving this summer's Franklin & Bash. It's filled with sand, surf, gorgeous sunsets and the cleverest attorneys on my small screen.

Gone To The Dogs

"By the Numbers" started off with a fraud case and morphed into murder... by banana. Noelle died due to a banana allergy. I was hoping the Twinkie was the culprit.

I didn't really understand Carmen's attraction to Wendell, although his ability to predict death was frighteningly impressive. For a while it had me wondering whether his accuracy was actually criminal, as speculated in this Franklin & Bash quote

Peter: Either Wendell is the best actuary in the world...
Jared: Or he's a pathological serial killer. | permalink

It turned out that Noelle was a fraud, her sister a liar and Wendell's assistant was the killer. Wendell was just an actuary. 

Back home, Peter finally scored a date with Charlie, only to find out she has a nine-year old daughter named Tess. A fact that completely freaked him out.

Peter: I can't take care of a kid. I can barely take care of myself. | permalink

Thankfully, Jared was there to talk him off the ledge. It was one date, not an interview for a new daddy. And a great first date it was. Peter and Charlie were funny... and romantic... and just hot enough to keep things simmering. 

I found it interesting that Peter mentioned his ex-flame Janie because I was thinking about her as I watched Peter with Charlie. Charlie's more of a grown up than Janie. The question is, can Peter handle that?

Finally, we came to the big question of the night…

Rachel: Can you teach Stanton and Damien the Franklin & Bash? | permalink

Not exactly, but Stanton and Damien have their own quirkiness and it works for them. Damien freaking out over the buzzing cell phone at the end was hysterical. 

Peter and Jared were right. Rachel was really hard to read. I loved how she could be the tough boss one moment and then take the wall down without warning, literally. 

What do you think, Franklin & Bash fans? Does Rachel fit in as the firm's new boss? And do Charlie and Peter have staying power? Are you having fun at the beach this summer with Franklin & Bash?

By the Numbers Review

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Franklin & Bash Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

I can't take care of a kid. I can barely take care of myself.


Peter: At the risk of sounding completely ridiculous, Twinkie?
Charlie: Breakfast of champions.