Rookie Blue Review: The Border Collie Bites Back

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"The Kids Are Not Alright" was full of surprises, the worst of which was delivered at the very end.

But we'll start at the beginning….

Got His Suspect

Andy was having a lousy day. Her awkward run-in with Sam where she complimented his clothing and had to be dragged away by Traci and Gail before she made a bigger fool of herself? Yeah... that was bad. 

It even left Andy muttering that it has to get easier, right? Not necessarily. Because before she knew it she was face to face with Sam's ex, Monica. Talk about a bad day getting worse. 

Andy and Gail's case was a heartbreaker, although it did give Andy the opportunity to show off her awesome lawn chair ninja skills. 

I guessed that Alex was really a girl who wanted to be a boy early on. What was horrible was how completely alone he felt. His own parents had abandoned him and his only friend's brother beat him up and threw him in the trunk of a car. 

It didn't surprise me at all that young Alex attempted to kill himself. Andy was great with him in the hospital. As bad as things were, they could certainly get better, but Alex had to be alive to get to the good part.

One of the things that impressed me was how confident Traci seemed in the role of detective. She's come a long way since her first missteps as a trainee last season.

Sam has slipped into the detective role with ease. I felt nothing but sympathy for Cesar as Sam read him those texts. He expected the gang to turn against but not his own family. Thankfully, Sam was able to convince him continue down the path he'd started on when he'd left the gang life and not look back.

Chris' life was still such a mess. He and Denise have nothing in common. The only reason they are together is because of Christian. Will that ever be enough?

But perhaps Ollie was right. Chris won't be able to live with himself unless he knows he's done everything he can to make that relationship work for his son. It might work out, or it might implode, but Chris has to give it his all.

I loved how Dov changed the camping trip to a rooftop party to include his best friend. He even set up a tent for the kids. That was really sweet.

What wasn't sweet was the conversation between Chloe and Gail.  

One of the things I've always liked about Gail was that even when she's being snarky, she's being honest. Chloe showing up on Dov's doorstep and following him around like a little border collie was desperate bordering on stalkerish. Leave it to Gail to call her out on it. So I didn't think twice about it when the conversation got a little heated in this Rookie Blue quote…

Chloe: You're like a terrible person.
Gail: Like I haven't heard that before. | permalink

But the border collie bit back by telling Gail that she was the exact opposite of boyfriend Nick, who was a great guy and…

Chloe: No wonder he's falling for Andy. | permalink

Ouch! The look on Gail's face as she turned to see Nick and Andy practically canoodling on the stairs was painful.  After their undercover operation, the fear of having her best friend and her boyfriend getting a little too close must have always been in the back of her mind.

Gail just pushed it front and center.

So is Chloe a conniving witch or was she simply defending herself from Gail's tirade? And will Andy be moving on from Sam with Nick? Thankfully we only have one week to wait until the next Rookie Blue

The Kids Are Not Alright Review

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