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Everybody is allowed a misstep here and there, but a bigger issue than the lack of laughs out of "Shame" was the scheduling of Wilfred over the last couple of weeks.

Unless the thought was that this Kristen Schaal-guested installment was of equal or greater quality than the last few episodes - an opinion I can definitely not get behind - then why are you releasing it by itself the Thursday after a week off?

Anne and Ryan

Wilfred season 3 opened with a pair of great episodes, and the next week followed suit, so why waste hilarious thought-provoking chapters by putting them together, while leaving "Shame" alone to garner criticism all by itself?

If FX wanted to start the year with a bang by putting out two back-to-back, I get that; it just should have followed that with "Suspicion" and then came back from the 4th of July break with "Sincerity" and "Shame."

Don't get me wrong, though, one blip on the radar does not remove Wilfred from my list of top comedies on television.

Any time you have Wilfy filling a bachelor pad with used Q-Tips, moldy cantaloupe and a toilet bar, it's going to be amusing. Adding a Maroon 5 poster, by the way, was the disgusting cherry on top.

However, everything involving Schaal did nothing for me. I love her work in Bob's Burgers, but whether it's here, her stint on 30 Rock (or her time on Flight of the Conchords) Schaal's shtick just isn't all that funny in live action.

Without Schaal's Anne, however, Wilfred wouldn't have become fat and subsequently yelled at himself in the mirror... so all is forgiven.

Some of the other highlights from "Shame" are below. Check out our Wilfred quotes section for all the best lines from the series and then let us know what you thought of this week's installment.

What were your favorite moments?  What didn't you like about the half hour? Were you a fan of Kristen Schaal? Did you enjoy fat Wilfy? And did you also think that Ryan's tone meant that owing the bank $12,000 was "awesome?"

  • Wilfred: It's my bachelor pad...pretty nauseating digs right?
  • Wilfy thinking that Ryan calling Jenna's cleaning lady "the cleaning lady" was him using a hurtful nickname.
  • Wilfred: Shame is like having a daughter with red hair and freckles; you cannot let it become part of your life.
  • Tongue on a stick
  • Ryan: Wilfred, have you looked in the mirror lately?
    Wilfred: Yeah, there's some new fat dog hanging out in there. I made fun of him yesterday for like three hours.

Shame Review

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Wilfred Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

It's my bachelor pad...pretty nauseating digs right?


I hang out and smoke weed with the neighbor's dog all day.