Suits Review: Fools Rush In?

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Not a single associate at the firm could avoid a "Conflict of Interest" on this week's episode of Suits.

From Edward's still dubious interest in Hessington Oil to Donna's new "arrangement" with Stephen, it's clear that as the stakes get higher, the emotional attachments and associations continue to become more complicated.

At Odds With Harvey

Like every other week, most of the details of what exactly took place with the case were fast moving and went a little over my head. That said, the points that directly affected the character progression were, of course, the most memorable.

First, I loved the opening sequence with Louis and Harvey both running in different parts of town, catching the same bit of news and arriving at Pearson/Darby just in time to greet each other outside their respective cabs. Apparently Louis gaining an associate of his own has made him much more like Harvey than he might care to realize and/or given him an ego boost beyond what he can even imagine.

In regards to the case, anything beyond this initial encounter about whether or not Ava should be talking to the media or not and the associated haggling and favor-trading to decapitate Gianopolis' ability to take Hessington Oil away from its namesake is a bit beyond my pay grade. What I did understand about the process was that it required sworn enemies Mike and Katrina to join the same team and work together for once. 

The results were staggering in their impact on the case, but their interactions and homage to The Wire should earn their way into the Suits vault of classic moments. I was interested in Katrina's insistence that Mike go with Louis to see Gianopolis and his people, I'm not sure what she was trying to do besides potentially create buzz around the firm about Louis' legal prowess. I suppose in that way it was meant to be a sign of good faith to both Louis and Mike. Problem is, you never really can tell with Katrina. For now, though, she's seemingly found a place within the firm wherein she's not constantly a source of tension and trouble and could actually contribute something. 

That could be important later on, given that it appears battle lines of some kind are beginning to be drawn between Edward and Jessica. We all knew from the beginning that the 51-49 split and the arrangement of the names on the door that kept Jessica first was more a courtesy than a recognition on Darby's part that Jessica was still the driving force behind the firm, only merging with Darby to secure a strategic relationship. If Jessica finds herself in a vulnerable position once again, she will need everyone she can on her side, including Katrina, to perhaps regain control.

Speaking of strategic relationships, it seems Donna has formed one of her own with the dapper and charming Mr. Huntley. I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to see Donna take the reins in her love life and enjoy it to the fullest. They certainly do make a great couple. Then again, wouldn't she and Harvey also make a great couple? It makes me wonder how he would take the news of Donna being in a relationship. But if Huntley is the British version of Harvey, doesn't that suggest that Donna and American Harvey would also have a chance?

One wonders why Donna thought it necessary to disclose to Harvey her relationship with Huntley in the first place. Of course, she never got to tell him, but it's clear she felt some obligation to in the first place which is interesting.

Another great part of this episode was the confrontation between Jessica and Harvey in which he squarely told Jessica that she hated being number-two. Given her blowup with Darby at the end, this is no doubt the truth, and it's starting to become a major plot point that will no doubt end in an epic showdown. All I can say is I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

So, Suitors, do you believe our favorite firm is headed towards another civil war?

Conflict of Interest Review

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