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This isn't the first time Suits has taken the opportunity to explore "The Other Time."

But this "Rewind" took a whole new angle, probing the relationship between Harvey and Donna and giving us a look back at the moment that changed Mike's life forever.

Harvey's Past

I think we all can agree that the true highlight of this episode was getting to see Donna and Harvey's relationship back in the early days. Good to know there are some things that don't change. Donna and Harvey have always been able to match each other wit for wit. In the early days, though, there's a look in Harvey's eyes when he looks at Donna, amazed at her intuition that he'd had too much coffee one day.

We don't see that look as often these days, but we know from his behavior that that optimistic and morally convicted young man is still in there and cares very much about Donna. There's one moment that really stuck out to me in the flashback scenes that, in some ways, is a truth revealing itself in present day.

When Harvey suggested jokingly that he, Donna and Bertha have a threesome, she said "if you were lucky enough to have me, you wouldn't want to share." Clearly, somewhere in Harvey's mind, he has Donna, hence his rather epic jealousy over Stephen entering the picture. When he finally admitted it to Donna present day, it was like the heavens opened up and angels started to sing. We've had a breakthrough, people!

It always amazes me how these flashback episodes demonstrate how history can more or less repeat itself. In "Rewind" we saw how people and relationships sometimes get sacrificed for the what appears to be a greater good.

This episode, we saw how Dennis' desire to stick it to a couple of criminals prompted him to do something clearly illegal, forcing Harvey to make hard choices about his morality and who he wanted to be as an attorney. In 2013 he's making the same kinds of decisions, which prompted him to go to Jessica and come clean about the mess he made.

I can't say I'm surprised that Jessica couldn't look at Harvey. Let's be real, he's seen this happen before, deals being made that screw people who never see it coming. I think it shows some maturity that he went to Jessica and told the truth rather than trying to re-negotiate with Darby or Stephen. Perhaps he felt there was some safety now that his name was on the door and knowing it would look suspicious if it suddenly disappeared, decided to come clean? But I'd like to think that Harvey took a minute to really consider what relationships were important to him and was acting from that place.

Another thing that really struck me about this episode was exactly how much Harvey was like Mike back in the early days. From the denied high-fives to the movie quotes and impressions, the comparisons made between young Harvey and Mike throughout the seasons really rang true, right down to his morals and optimism. He even had his own confidante, his father, to whom he went for help and guidance, much like Harvey had his Nana. Cannot express how wonderful, and yet how sad, it was to see her again this week!

One thing that certainly sets Mike apart from Harvey, however, was his expulsion from college for selling test answers. But one thing I couldn't ignore was how it was a result of helping Trevor. If we didn't know it before, we certainly know now that Trevor is likely the worst thing that ever happened to Mike. I could not believe that Mike had been accepted as a transfer to Harvard! What a curve ball! It's unreal how different his life might have been if he'd just said no to helping Trevor.

The biggest bombshell, however, was the revelation that Stephen may be playing double-agent between Pearson and Darby. We thought he was supposed to be seeing to it that Harvey was able to follow through on his deal, but when Cameron revealed that Stephen led him right to his bullet witness, it's time to start re-evaluating how much we like this bloke. Sad day.

Other highlights from the episode:

  • Donna's reaction to seeing Harvey's name on the door.
  • Louis' reaction to seeing Harvey's name on the door. Funny how a day can go downhill so quickly!
  • Another reference to The Wire.
  • Mike finally getting on board with Rachel's pending decision about Stanford.
What was your favorite part of this week's flashback episode?

The Other Time Review

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