Wilfred Review: Keepin' it Christmassy

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Ryan Newman's daddy issues continued into Christmas on "Confrontation," and with the entire family under one roof, there was plenty of time for laughs, singing - and some serious fighting.

At Comic-Con in July Wilfred Executive Producer David Zuckerman said "We have a pretty big reveal at the end of the season that answers a few questions, and raises many more."

Family Time

With that in mind, it has felt like the last three episodes have had quite a different feel when thinking of them together. Never before has it seemed like Wilfred has been this serialized. Sure, there has still been a specific obstacle that Ryan has had to overcome during each installment, but they have all been connected more than any string of episodes before it.

If this trend continues until the finale, this back half of Wilfred Season 3 has the potential to be some of the most fascinating television we've seen not just from Wilfred, but anything on the small screen this year.

When "Confrontation" ended, my jaw dropped. And that was on my second time through! Kristen drew THE picture?!?! What does that mean? What does it say about Kristen? What does it say about Ryan? What does it say about Wilfred? So many questions...so little time!

The drama that unfolded between Ryan, Henry and Catherine was so tense; and the hilarity that came about due to Wilfred's love of Christmas and hatred of Santa allowed that final bomb to be dropped in a totally surprising fashion. I was so busy figuring out who was more at fault for the parents' fight that I wasn't expecting them to reveal new and important information about Ryan's past like that. Well done.

There were also plenty of laughs to be had throughout, which always helps the cause. Between Wilfred's reasons for wanting a Big Wheel, Darth Vader and a catcher's mitt, his proposal to use a Beat It style knife fight, his love of the Christmas classic Jingle All the Way, his strut in the reindeer outfit and him saying "Cut the figgy pudding," there was once again laughs all around during the half hour.

Check out some of our favorite quotes below, and then head to our Wilfred quotes section for more laughs.

  • Wilfred: Santa is the mail man on steroids.
  • Andre: Actually I'm the caretaker assigned to accompany your mother tonight.
    Catherine: It's complicated.
    Andre: It's not complicated at all. I'm gonna wait in the car.
  • Wilfred: Girl? Do you not see this penis right here?  Well actually that's a gum drop stuck in my fur.
  • Wilfred: Your dad is just how I pictured him...pure evil.  He even looks like Michael Vick.
  • Catherine: It's like he's trying to sing.
    Wilfred: Trying?  Was Oates trying?

What did you think of "Confrontation?" And what are your thoughts on Wilfred Season 3 so far? What were your favorite moments from this week's episode? What didn't you like? And have you ever tossed your dog butter for his dinner roll?

Confrontation Review

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Wilfred Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Santa is the mail man on steroids.


Kristen: Mom's insane asylum...
Ryan: It's not an insane asylum. It has like ducks.
Kristen: Fine, her duck sanctuary.