Wilfred Review: Love Is a Wrecking Ball

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Wilfred took a week off from evoking questions from the audience, and instead just let the viewers take in a fun half hour of laughs in "Stagnation."

Any time you let Jason Gann sing it's going to be funny, but Wilfy's love song for Phyllis, and subsequent hate song towards Ryan - "love is a wrecking ball" - was above and beyond normal hilarity.

Say Anything

It took until the second act for Wilfy to slide into his character for the week, but once he got there, the head over heels in love version might have been one of my favorites yet.

What wasn't to love anyway? Apparently her paws smelled like corn chips!

Comparing the breeding of dogs to inbred humans was brilliant. For dogs it's thought of as the highest of the highs to be bred with similar kinds. For humans, it's the lowest of the low, and sometimes in our history it's been joined at the hip with racism.

My favorite moment regarding that plotline was when Wilfy started comparing himself to Joffrey. They're both Mongols! You had to know it was coming, but still, hearing Wilfred's reaction to Phyllis once she wasn't in heat anymore was priceless. Yeah, she must look different in the daylight big guy.

I won't be sad to see Anne go. I wonder if I would enjoy Kristen Schaal more in live action if she wore a pink bunny ears hat? It certainly couldn't hurt.

With only two episodes left in the season, I'm looking forward to the writers getting back to the main arc of Wilfred Season 3. Give us some answers on that drawing, the symbol, and Wilfred in general, and we will be happy campers.

Don't give us anything, and we'll still be happy, because this show is darn hilarious every time out.

Check out our Wilfred Quotes section for our favorite lines of the series.  And then let us know what you thought of "Stagnation" in the comments section.

Stagnation Review

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Wilfred Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Wilfred: Fine, then I suppose I'll have to resort to more drastic measures.
Ryan: Wait, What're you gonna do?
Wilfred: I'm gonna get my squeaky ball and leave it on the living room floor, where Phil can see it. Then when our little friend goes to play with it I'll simply snatch.....it....back.

So, just when I finally neutralize the Jellybeans threat, you invite this bulldog to come and live with us? There's only so much dog poon to go around. And you know this Phil guy's gonna be creeping up on the neighborhood glory hole. That shit is locals only! It's like, Go back to the Val, kook!