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Finally, the wait is over! It has been a long three months, hasn't it, Elementary Fanatics?

The CBS drama returned this week after an EPIC Season 1 finale - and it did so with a literal bang. All the while, Sherlock was trying to embrace "Step Nine" in his recovery process by making amends with people from his past. Specifically, Mycroft Holmes.

Rhys Ifans as Mycroft

Here are some points I need to mention ahead of time:

  • Elementary was nominated for an Emmy for its opening title theme.
  • Jonny Lee Miller was Emmy snubbed. I mean, let's just reference "M" and "The Woman"
  • Captain Gregson cut his hair. He was looking very dapper.
  • I kept waiting for Moriarty to show... Too soon?  

This episode began with a funeral and someone crashing that funeral. His name? Gareth Lestrade. According to Pendry, Sherlock is Lestrade's "crutch." Anyway, Lestrade was hammered drunk, crying out that he had been framed and that Pendry - the gentleman in the casket - was indeed a terrible man. Enter episode set up.

Next scene: Sherlock and Watson. Sherlock was sprinting after the suspect, rather athletically (who knew?) while Watson beat his ass. Joan popped up out of nowhere and three shots with a night stick later ... he was down. I am begging you, Elementary writers, please give us more of Joan kicking rear rear end. One of Lucy Lui's strengths as an actress are her skills in martial arts; not saying she has to go all "Man With the Iron Fists" on a suspect, but it would be nice.

Next up, London.

Throughout this episode we learned a few interesting thing about Sherlock. One, he has a brother. Two, he hates his brother. Three, his brother is being played by RHYS IFANS.  

The relationship between Mycroft and Sherlock was perfectly executed by Miller and Rhys. These two have great chemistry as a sibling dynamic. Their witty and hateful banter in their first scene was hilarious. From Sherlock calling him "fatty" to the reveal that Sherlock slept with Mycroft's fiance to prove a point. Very entertaining.

Speaking of the betrayal between these two, the fact that Sherlock slept with his fiance to prove she was no good for him reminds me of "old Sherlock." I think about the kind of character he is now and I am not 100% convinced that he would make that sort of decision any longer. At least to anyone he was close with, which ironically is a short list.

Mycroft said, "Sherlock is addicted to being himself," a statement I am torn on. On one hand, I absolutely agree. On the other, I am not sure that rings as true now as much as it did in Elementary Season 1.

There is a huge difference in most of the dynamic characters from where we were a year ago to where we are now. The latter half of Season 1 is when it all changed drastically. Before that, Joan helped Sherlock change slowly but surely. You look at Joan and Sherlock's in this premiere and the comfort that they have around each other, it blows your mind when you think of how they were a year ago.

Mycroft also said that Sherlock has never had any friends, but Watson is his first. I believe this to be completely true.  

Lucy Liu stated in an interview the writers and cast are working hard on convincing the viewers that Holmes and Watson are not moving towards a romantic dynamic. At times I believe it... but then I just become enveloped in a scene where their chemistry keeps it flowing.

For example, the scene where Sherlock and Joan were discussing her sleeping with Mycroft: how it would be like her sleeping with a lesser version of him. And how Sherlock and Watson cannot sleep together because they're colleagues. "You know you've thought about it," Holmes said. While Joan was sitting over there rolling her eyes, like don't flatter yourself. This proves one thing: Sherlock has thought about it. You can agree or disagree. Either way, I still can't help but think this is where they're leading us.

The chemistry between Liu and Miller is too strong to NOT think they're leading us that way. Even if it's unintentional.

As the episode progressed, we saw Sherlock trying to make amends with Lestrade while refusing to do so with his own brother.

You want to know something? Season 1 Sherlock (first half) would not have even begun to think about making amends with anyone. Growth. This show is full of it.

In the end, Sherlock was right in the beginning. The killer used, in what was a first for Elementary, a plastic gun to kill his wife and his "colleague" and this lead to the clearing the name of Lestrade. Even though Lestrade turned out to be an ass anyway. Sherlock make his amends with Lestrade by letting him go.

The best part of this episode was that "Step Nine" was fully completed when Sherlock and Mycroft made amends in the most brotherly way. With an explosion.

Overall, this episode was superb. I thoroughly enjoyed being in a new setting and being able to compare the growth of each character. As a viewer, it's rewarding to watch a show that does the little things that make people like very happy.

Also, can Rhys Ifans come back soon? Let's not forget that Natalie Dormer needs to make her triumphant return as Moriarty. Please and thank you!

Step Nine Review

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