Rookie Blue Review: Walking Targets

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All of 15 Division was "Under Fire" on this edition of Rookie Blue - and no one was immune to the consequences. 

It all start innocent enough... well, maybe innocent isn't the right word.

Finding the Shooter

Nick and Andy were perfecting their version of morning exercises and their technique didn't involve the risk of shin splints. I know all of the McSwarek fans hate it but every week these two become a more appealing couple. They're honest with one another. They seem in sync emotionally and they have fun. 

On the flip side, Sam and Marlo were anything but in sync. Marlo was pulling back as she took her leave of absence and was staying with her sister. She needed the space to pull herself back together. And in an odd sort of role reversal, Sam was pushing her to stay connected. 

The shooting in the park was truly frightening. One moment Chloe was joking with Andy about her secret relationship with Nick. I couldn't help but laugh when in this Rookie Blue quote Chloe told Andy…

 Nick's great. I mean, if I wasn't climbing Dov mountain I would be all over that. | permalink

Only Chloe could make a line like that sound oddly sweet. 

When Andy slowly turned around to find Chloe still standing in front of her with blood seeping through the fingers around her neck, it was a truly horrifying moment. The fact that Chloe didn't simply fall unconscious after the gun shot, that she was talking and bleeding and terrified... it made it feel all the more real. 

Andy stepped up in those moments. As scared as she was she kept her head, called it in and pulled Chloe to safety all while they continued to take fire. 

To find out later that Chloe has a husband was a definite surprise. I didn't see that one coming any more than Dov did. But hearing how she and Wes wed impulsively during a weekend at Niagara Falls sounded completely in character. 

I know it was an awkward situation, but Chloe and Wes were obviously separated, or at least how he said, I must still be her emergency contact, certainly gave that impression. I wish Dov had told Wes that he and Chloe were dating. 

Dov was blindsided but I hope he mans up and decides to fight for Chloe. They're just too darn cute together. 

Speaking of cute, once again Steve Peck won me over. He was worried about Traci going out on the street to search for the sniper but he respected her job and didn't try to dissuade her. Instead he offered to team up. 

Then he said exactly what was on his mind. He asked Traci why she didn't want him to meet Leo and then he made it clear that he was serious about her. Not only was it incredibly sweet but it was so completely refreshing to have a character be so direct and honest about their feelings without hesitation. If Traci's not a little in love with Steve Peck, I think I am. 

And wasn't it great to finally get some sort of follow up on Noelle? I've really missed her this season and now that she's officially cancer free, I hope we get to see a lot more of her in season five.

The only surprise about Gail and Holly's kiss was that Gail initiated it. I really would have thought it would have been the other way around. It was fun to see how off kilter they both were from the experience It will be intriguing to find out where this couple goes from here. 

The last half of the episode had me wondering who was going to get shot next. When Celery showed up frantic after her encounter with Kevin Ford, I immediately hated the thought of him targeting Oliver. 15 Division would lose its heart without Shaw.

Then it looked like Ford's focus was on Marlo. As she walked in her bare feet across the wood floor in nothing but her bathrobe, I had my heart in my throat. It felt as though I was walking beside her. All I could think during those few agonizing seconds was where is her gun?!?

Thankfully it was Sam and Andy at her door. Those two had had quite a day. 

Sam was completely focused on the case and protecting Marlo. The one thing that definitely got his attention was watching Andy kiss Nick before he went out on patrol. If Sam was unclear about Nick and Andy's relationship, he certainly isn't now. And if the kiss wasn't enough, the fact that Andy shared all of the behind the scenes details of the Kevin Ford case with Nick showed just how much she trusts her new boyfriend.  

The question is, now that Sam knows how serious Andy and Nick are, will he do anything about it?

Of course the other side of that question is, will he have the chance?

Now that Ford has Oliver and is still gunning for 15 Division, is anyone safe? What's your guess on who will live, who will die, and who will still be a couple as we head into the Rookie Blue season 4 finale?


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