American Horror Story Coven Review: Creating and Preserving Life

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Life usually begins at birth and ends with death, but for witches that's not always the case.

In "Boy Parts," each of the witches struggled with life and death issues of their own or of someone else. The seemingly endless abilities of magic encouraged Fiona to search out the source of eternal youth, while others used it to create life.

Dealing With Tragedy

Teenagers are destined to get in trouble, right? Though, I'm not sure that using magic to flip over a bus to kill the occupants or having sex to kill a rapist is necessarily within the scope of "normal" teenage antics. When the police showed up to question Zoe and Madison about their frat boy encounters, Zoe crumbled almost immediately. It's a good thing her mother got her out of town and enrolled in the witch school.

Fiona rightfully was furious. Zoe threatened the secrecy of the school and betrayed the witches who lived there. The Supreme resolved the problem by forcing the police officers to drink her spit water. Gross, but effective. Then, Fiona showed her anger by flinging the girls into the wall. I don't think they will be making the same mistake again ... stress on "same" ... because the girls found a new and perhaps more risky trouble to get into.

They are witches, so I guess it's understandable that they would want to use magic to solve their problems. Given Zoe's naivete with magic, I was surprised with how quickly she agreed to go along with Madison's plan. Even if she was blinded by love, she acted unexpectedly. Though Madison was very convincing and sold at as paying Zoe for using her killer vagina on the rapist.

As much as I was was looking forward to seeing Evan Peters on the show, I'm not sold on him being Zoe's resurrected love. The resurrection of Misty Day and her assistance in healing Kyle could mean there will be a happier ending than what Regina got when Daniel was resurrected on Once Upon a Time. Zoe and Kyle's love story would definitely fit with what Nan foretold in the premiere.

While Zoe and Madison were bringing someone back to life, Cordelia finally gave in to her husband's wish that she use magic to conceive a child of their own. When nature and science failed them, they had magic to fall back on. Though, given the vision during their copulation, they probably have reason to be concerned about that child. Will their baby be normal? Or, does a magical conception come with a cost? Given that this is American Horror Story, my guess is it's the latter.

Fiona was also playing with the idea of life and death. She's a Supreme, so she's supposed to have all the powers of witches. The one power that it appears she doesn't have is for eternal youth and immortality. She's obsessed with finding it through any means possible. She's tried science, sucking the youth from her geneticist, and now she's seeking out the answer from Marie Laveau. The Voodoo Queen and Fiona immediately have a disdain for each other.

From their initial encounter, it didn't appear that they had actually met previously, but they definitely knew of each other. Fiona and Marie's magical factions obviously do not have a kind history with each other. Fiona wants the secret to Marie's eternal youth, though it doesn't look like an answer will come easily. Fiona has a secret trump card though since she released Madame LaLaurie, while Marie has her Minotaur.

The interactions between Fiona and Marie were intense, full of sub-context, and mystery. I hope we get to see them face off often throughout the season. They are both formidable women with strengths the no one else has. That makes them intriguing rivals and a war between them would be epic. 

In contrast, the interaction between Fiona and Madame LaLaurie outside the latter's former home was a bit sad. As much as Fiona wants to find immortality, Madame LaLaurie wants to end her life. She lost her daughters and has lived in mourning and sorrow for too many years. Is there a spell to swap their fates? Or, would Fiona have to take the sadness too?

The theme of the episode was clearly around the idea of life, death, and immortality. It will be intriguing to see if that theme carries throughout the season. Or if it was just the launching off point. Going forward, I'd like to find out more about this witching world, the use of magic, and especially the perimeters surrounding the use and cost of using magic.

Which story has you the most interested? Did you find it believable in the context of a story about witches? And who do you fear the most?

Boy Parts Review

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