Arrow Round Table: "Broken Dolls"

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We're here again this week to discussĀ Arrow Season 2 Episode 3, "Broken Dolls."

The Hood is out and The Arrow is in, thanks to Quentin Lance, while Laurel had an epiphany and plenty more went down on the latest installment of this CW favorite.

Join staff writers Kate Brooks, Nick McHatton, Carla Day and Carissa Pavlica - as well as Hank Otero of Hank's Entertainment Site - to debate the latest Arrow issues and development below...


What was your favorite part of the episode?

What was your favorite part of the episode?

Kate: Surprisingly, the Laurel and Quentin scene at the end where Laurel confessed she felt guilty for Tommy's death. In this moment she forgave The Hood and hopefully now we can have a trio with both Lance's and the Hood teaming up.

Hank: My favorite scene was easily Black Canary crashing through the ceiling and using her sonic device. I wondered how the Canary's power would translate to the more "realistic" (and I use that term loosely) world of "Arrow." The device was a really clever way of handling it, plus I loved Black Canary's moves in this episode. The character is so cool and I look forward to learning more about her!

Nick: I really loved Detective Lance and "Arrow" working together. There's a lot of fun to be had there.

Carla: There was so much good in this episode. I found the interactions between Laurel and her father rather poignant. First, when Lance said that no one would have save Tommy from a building falling on him and then when she took responsibility for Tommy being there in the first place. I'm intrigued by that moment as well, because there was a glint in Lance's eyes when she mentioned Oliver warned her. Could he be figuring out Oliver is the Arrow?

Carissa: I really liked that Lance put his faith in The Hood, so much so that he felt it appropriate to rename him. It feels like the whole Lance family is finding their footing with this episode.

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What did you think about Quentin Lance teaming up with (and naming) The Arrow?

Kate: All I have to say about this is, it's about damn time!

Hank: I think Lance naming him the "Arrow" was absolutely the right way to go. After all, if I remember correctly, it was Lance that gave him "the Hood" moniker no? The two of them working together was fantastic and might possibly be the best new bromance since Oliver and Diggle! I'm really enjoying Detective Lance this season (he certainly wasn't one of my favorites last year.)

Nick: I really enjoyed it. Lance doesn't always agree with his methods, yet he's willing to accept those methods if it means he can catch a criminal. His demotion in the force has really shown him that the methods he's believed in for a long time might not be enough to help his city, and his renaming of the vigilante to Arrow symbolizes that.

Carla: Loved both. Lance's demotion was professionally embarrassing, but it is personally liberating. The Arrow has his team, but Lance is the perfect police insider to have help them especially with the Arrow's new mission and methods. One complaint though ... how did Lance not recognize Oliver? They were so close and Oliver's face was clear, especially after Lance and Laurel bonded. He looked up right at Oliver. Though, see above, maybe he does know.

Carissa: It just felt like the perfect time and way for it to happen. There were so many times inĀ Arrow Season 1 when Detective Lance came close to being the man he is now, but he kept letting his badge get in the way. Now that he's free of that he can see with his soul and not just what's on paper.

What do you think Laurel's next step will be now that she's realized The Arrow wasn't responsible for Tommy's death?

Kate: I hope she takes part in helping The Hood and her father to save the city! Or she can start the grieving process and move on. I hope not move onto Oliver because I feel like their ship has sailed.

Hank: Like Kate says, hopefully she will align herself with the "Arrow" and her dad to save the city. I was relieved when Laurel came to her senses at the end of this episode. Katie did a great job with that scene. Glad the writers didn't drag out her little vendetta past episode three. Could this be the start of a brand new Laurel? One the audience can actually like? I certainly hope so, the character (and Katie Cassidy) deserve it.

Nick: She has a job to do in the DA's office, so I'm wondering if she's going to be a double agent for The Arrow.

Carla: She'll continue to work in the DA's office fighting crime and helping make the city a better place. She won't work against the Arrow though. The next time he shows up to see her, she'll be happy to see him and they'll go back to a good relationship. She'll be another person that he can turn to when needed.

Carissa: I wouldn't be surprised if she apologized to him for giving up on him and blaming him for Tommy's death. She'll likely offer her help to him and be an asset going forward. The entire Lance family is going Team Arrow!

It seems Black Canary is in with the League of Assassins given her working for Ra's al Ghul. Thoughts?

Kate: When can we see more? I mean, we're just dipping into to it and I want more. MUCH more!

Hank: How cool was it that they actually mentioned Ra's al Ghul? I've been waiting for that since Malcolm Merlyn first mentioned Nanda Parbat in last season's episode "Dead to Rights." I also loved that the messenger looked like the Dark Archer, that threw me off for a second. I thought, Malcolm Merlyn is alive!!! Black Canary certainly has no issue with killing, she's the vigilante pre-earthquake. Maybe Oliver will help her find another way, like he tried to do with Helena. That reminds me, we've just met another of the "Birds of Prey." Will Barbara Gordon appear this season?

Nick: Excited to see how it all plays out.

Carla: I haven't read the comics, but I love the way the writers have gradually expanded this world beyond Starling City. Like Hank mentioned, I first thought Malcolm Merlyn was back. I was glad it wasn't him, but the clothing informed on Malcolm's Dark Archer outfit. I also thought back to Malcolm's mention in the hospital.

Carissa: It's good that they're opening the door for a long-term group of baddies that will be out there to threaten the city and everyone in it. It would be great, as seasons progress and new characters are introduced, to take the heroes we have here and travel to help others and meet these people on their terms. As the names are dropped, it gives hope that will happen.

Do you think we'll ever encounter anyone from the island in Starling City before we discover what actually happened to them on the island, or are they destined to play our their parts in that flashback world?

Kate: I feel that this is the natural progression of how this should go. With that said, Oliver was found alone and with all of that hair. I really hope that Ra al Ghul is someone he encountered on the island.

Hank: It certainly seems like the writers are keeping the flashbacks and present day separate. Obviously, from the comics we know what becomes of Shado and Slade. I do think at some point one of them will appear in Starling City, but not before the island stuff plays out.

Nick: I think anyone we've met on the island before that wasn't killed will eventually be fair game, but, as of now, every way of getting off the island has gone up in smoke. If this ship survives, then there's a definite shot at seeing island people again; otherwise, I think the island's timeline will eventually hit the present.

Carla: Yes. I imagine at some point someone from the island will show up in Starling City and that episode will also be when we find out what happened to them on the island. Given what happened to Slade in this episode, I wouldn't be surprised if he shows up in Starling City soon. But, I could be completely off-base since I haven't read the comics.

Carissa: I was hoping that since Slade made his way to the main graphic of the season that he'd also find his way to Starling City. If that was the last time Oliver saw him on the Island, that could mean we'll see him soon. I assume Oliver somehow escapes that ship and heads back there, but since he was rescued alone, everyone else was gone. I thought the creators said they intended the flashbacks to last as long as the series, so if we have to wait to see any islanders in the present for that story to end, we'll be waiting for the series finale!

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She's a member of the Critic's Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.

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