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"Poison Pen" was not what I expected it to be at all. Normally, with Elementary episodes you get a murder, a case with some twists and a resolution. Throw in some Joan and Sherlock banter and tension, you've got yourself a quality hour of television.

But that wasn't that case here. We all got to see a different side to Sherlock, not just Holmes but the guy who was bullied back when he was kid. We learned of his first love and how she helped realize who he was. Most importantly, we saw a more sensitive side to him.

During this installment, he wasn't just the investigator, he was the counselor too.

A Woman From His Past

Instead of my usual review, I'm going to channel my inner Sherlock and list some key points of observation from the episode:

  • Sherlock has stayed in touch with a mistress because they shared a common interest in torture devices. According to Watson after watching him fight, Sherlock likes to play dirty. *wink wink*
  • Nothing like waking up to a crack of whip and a trip to the Pleasure Palace.
  • Sherlock doesn't look too bad shirtless. Am I right or am I right?
  • The Nanny's night off more like a good time for murder.
  • "Shawn Holmes."
  • One of my favorite ticks that Sherlock does is his twiddling of his fingers and how he bites the inside of his cheek in between lines. Next time you watch him, look for it. You'll see it if you haven't already.
  • "So, your client's statement is: she couldn't kill her husband because she was too busy planning to kill her husband."
  • Watson used to be surgeon. Come on, Bell! She doesn't leave mess!
  • Sherlock was bullied and overcame it. I can imagine Sherlock as a young boy with the mind that he had and it breaks my heart, bullied and beaten. But it almost makes me more proud of the Sherlock Holmes has he become.
  • When I look at the two killers from tonight, the son who was sexually abused and Abigail who was sexually abused in the past, it's hard for me to feel the sense of satisfaction that I normally do when they've caught the killers. I pity these two, having to go through what they did. That's what makes this episode so good.

Overall, this installment was emotionally rewarding. Sherlock was able to be Joan Watson for an episode. He was the one offering a ear to listen and advice. For the first time, we saw Sherlock play the role of companion and counselor.

Not to mention how Sherlock opened up to how he was bullied quite severely as a child and figured out who he was by befriending young Abigail through letters. It's a tragic way to figure out who you are.

This episode stands by itself, great for exactly what it was, which is unique. Just like Sherlock Holmes.

Poison Pen Review

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[after whip crack] Cause when you're night ends with a dead man and a chem suit, why not start your morning with a live unfolding of a bull whip.