Grey's Anatomy Review: Trick or Treat

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Grey Sloan Memorial was hit with a bunch of spooky patients on Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 7, an episode that was definitely tricky for the doctor.

But a major treat for us viewers.

There were so many patients and one doctor’s well-being was placed in jeopardy. Who was it? What exactly happened? And lastly, were there super creepy sightings? Oh, you bet....

Ben and Derek

Well, let’s start off with Leah, aka Arizona’s Rebound, who was bitten by a zombie! Okay, so this wasn’t actually The Walking Dead, but it almost seemed like it.

Come to find out, the so-called zombie was actually just a delusional psychotic drug addict. I’m always down for a holiday special and loved that Shonda and company gave us just that. The main medical crisis involved the freaky guy who bit Leah and another victim.

The writers upped the crazy with haunting music and a number of disturbing patients, including a lady who had a wound infected with maggots (ewwww!), a ghost-like patient and a young girl who was nearly scared to death – like, literally.

Elsewhere, Ben finally returned and teamed up with Derek to save Zola’s wings for her costume. Furthermore, with Ben’s help, Derek’s now on his way to making history in the OR. It was nice to have Ben back; however, I hated that he and Bailey are fighting in what seems like only five minutes after his arrival.

While Meredith and Cristina have hardly been besties lately, things became even more awkward when Cristina found out that she wasn’t invited to Mer and Alex’s Halloween bash. Ultimately, Cristina realized that she didn’t belong at the kid-filled party and left without saying a word.

I get why the writers are showing us this arc. It all makes sense; however, I just hope that we don’t have to spend a majority of Sandra Oh’s last season watching the pair like this.

Lastly, remember when Richard was a total jerk to Meredith? He finally apologized for all of the terrible things he said about her being the wrong choice and all. I was really glad that what he said wasn’t just forgotten.

It’s also nice to see him willing to still teach. I’ve missed that mostly about Webber.

Other thoughts:

  • As a Jolex shipper, it’s always totally frustrating to see this pair week in and out simply not communicating. Thank goodness Jo took Mer’s advice and tried again to talk to Alex. By the way, she looked amazing as Tinkerbell. It’s too bad Once Upon a Time already found its Tink.
  • So, Stephanie just had eye surgery, and then went back to work while also wearing eye makeup for her Halloween get up. Sure, some people heal fast, but I was strongly advised not to use eye makeup for at least a month after my surgery.
  • Don’t forget to return next week to chime in on our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table.

Overall, I thought this was a fun installment, albeit it was very busy at times and some of the relationship drama could have been held off for later.

Still, with crazy medical cases, personal drama amongst our favorite doctors and even some almost zombies, what more could have you have asked for?!?


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