Scandal Round Table: "Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington"

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Welcome back to another edition of the Scandal Round Table.

This week we're discussing Drunk Mellie, jealousy, and, of course, Papa Pope. Pull up a keyboard and join TV Fanatic staff members Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, Leigh Raines, Miranda Wicker, and Emily from ABC Scandal Fans as they break down "Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington."


What was your favorite scene or quote from this Scandal Season 3 episode?

Jim: I enjoyed watching Fitz tell Olivia the truth, trusting that she would do the right thing. For better or worse, Olivia did the right thing to save more lives. 

Christine: Drunk Mellie telling Fitz why she needed saint Olivia to live was just awesome. "She's the strings that if need be I will pull to make my puppet husband dance." So very true and one of the many reasons why I can't get enough of Mellie.

Leigh: I loved drunk Mellie! Did y'all hear her old school Southern accent come out? I also enjoyed Olivia admitting to Huck that Eli owns her too. We need to get into the therapist's office and talk this out stat! 

Miranda: Ah! Drunk Mellie! Since I'm Team Jake right now, I loved Scott Foley's scenes. I'm glad he's out of the hole.

Emily: Drunk Mellie was AWESOME! Loved that North Carolina twang she let loose! So authentic and I would know since my fam is from NC country too! Mellie always seems to let go with no filter, but this scene had a different vulnerability to it ("You wanna have sex - I mean with me"). And I totally agree with Leigh on Huck & Olivia's scene in OPA!

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When Fitz got the call from Jake, was he being Presidential or a jealous lover?

Jim: It seemed to mostly be presidential. I guess there could have been a hint of jealous lover in there, but if there was, it wasn't much.

Christine: I don't know, Jim. I think I heard plenty of jealous lover in that speech. Fitz seemed really ticked off that Olivia called Jake instead of him even though Cyrus had just given the speech about the importance of staying away from one another. 

Leigh: Hmmm. 50/50. He had to be Presidential in the moment but he enjoyed throwing a dig at Jake.

Miranda: It was Presidential of him not to tell Jake the truth because that was a secret that needed to be kept, but there was definitely jealousy in his voice. He was not happy to hear Jake on the phone instead of Olivia and seemed absolutely irritated that she'd called Jake first.

Emily: I agree with Christine on this one. I think he was legitimately following protocol, but since they were still working through the situation Fitz wanted to hold the cards to make sure he was in control of how the situation played out and Olivia's safety. Like he said "You'll have to tell her you couldn't save the day."

Do you think Huck will end up killing Olivia's dad?

Jim: I don't think he will. I'm guessing part of their "training" is conditioning that helps stop them from attacking "command"

Christine: I agree that Huck's training will keep him from killing Eli Pope...but it wouldn't surprise me if Olivia herself eventually pulled the trigger on Daddy dearest. 

Leigh: I don't think it will be either of them, but I think Eli Pope will get offed by the end of the season. Maybe Fitz, Jake, or Cyrus. You guys are probably right about members of B613 being programmed against killing command.

Miranda: It wouldn't surprise me at all if there's something in their programming that keeps them from being able to kill Command, but it also wouldn't surprise me if Huck's allegiance to Olivia is stronger than that and he ends up taking Papa Pope out for good.

Emily: I hope Huck isn't the one to do it because I think that will be the final straw for his already fragile hold on things. Maybe Baby Huck will step up to plate?

How do you take your Gettysburger?

Jim: Mustard, cheese, all veggies and bacon. 

Christine: Cheese, bacon, ketchup, mayo. Do you deliver?

Leigh: Medium well, cheese, grilled onions, lettuce, ketchup, maybe mustard. Always with a side of fries. 

Miranda: Bacon, cheese, mustard, ketchup, maybe onions, pickles. Mmm. Pickles.

Emily: Medium well, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and mustard. Don't forget the fries!

What is Eli Pope's plan for Jake?

Jim: I have no idea, but I agree with Olivia, he doesn't let anyone go without a plan. 

Christine: Eli wouldn't let him go if he didn't think he could use him. Is it because of the Remington case? Simply to have eyes on Liv and keep her in line? With Eli Pope it's probably both of those things and something even more diabolical that I'd never even think of. 

Leigh: To cash in on his repayment as soon as possible. Actually I think Eli will use him against Fitz.

Miranda: I think he's let Jake go so he can protect Olivia, but also because he hopes Jake will distract her from Fitz. Papa Pope does not want Olivia and Fitz together. At all. I can see him thinking that Jake is a good alternative because he can control Jake.

Emily: I think he let him out because that gives him more control over Olivia. She cares about both Huck & Jake and seems will do whatever it takes to protect them. I think he'll use those relationships to pull his puppet master strings. 

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

[to Olivia] Baby Huck's choking.


[to Fitz] We will now all do our level best to not blow her up, but you cannot call Olivia because there is no way in hell I'm allowing the two of you to share a headline for the third week running.