The Bridge Season 2: First Teaser

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The Bridge concluded a mostly strong first season just two weeks ago.

But FX is already preparing viewers for this drama's return in the summer of 2014, releasing a new teaser that features a slew of young Mexican girls in skeleton masks. Watch now:

The Bridge Season 1 was generally well received by fans and critics.

But many believe it went off the rails a bit with its serial killer plot. Still, the performances of Demián Bichir and Diane Kruger were captivating, while the series' subject matter and gritty storytelling simply felt unlike any other show on television.

What grade would you give The Bridge Season 1?

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The Bridge Quotes

The money is here. One million dollars. I watched the video of the girl. I think about those disgusting gringos and how they are just sitting there watching her die. Take the money. I lose that much every month to the rats in my warehouse.

Senor Galvan

There are five murders a year in El Paso. In Juarez, thousands. Why? Why is one dead white woman more important than so many dead just across the bridge? How long can El Paso look away? We've got some interesting times ahead. This is only the beginning.