American Horror Story Review: Burn or Boil?

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Who is the more despicable person and mother? Fiona or Madame LaLaurie?

It's really a toss up when looking at their lives as a whole. In the present day, there's no question that Fiona is the worst.

Delphine has sought to better herself since she was brought above ground. Fiona remains selfish and conniving, while Delphine wants to do right by herself and others.

A New Power

American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 5 picked up right where last week's episode with Marie's zombies slowing descending on the Academy and Cordelia screaming from the acid thrown into her face. The Coven members at home and out were under attack. Marie was responsible for the zombies, but it's not clear who was donning the black hooded outfit that assaulted Cordelia.

Prior to the zombie attack, the young witches attacked more like regular catty teenagers than strong and powerful witches. They each had their power, but none used them with any great purpose. With Fiona and Cordelia gone, they all stepped up and showed their personal strength.

Nan risked her own life to try and save Luke. She had no fear and her powers were of no help to her in the situation. Zoe's reaction was the biggest surprise. She wasn't a follower any more. She was a leader and demonstrated strength above and beyond the others.

What started as a ploy to distract the zombies from Nan and Luke turned into something that will forever change her life. She was fierce with that chain saw in attacking and taking down zombie after zombie. Impressive. And, what she did next was life-altering. She used a previously untapped power to knock out a zombie, while disconnecting Marie from her zombie army. Wow!

Even with the powers that Madison and Fiona have used, neither of them have radiated that kind of power. Could Zoe be the next Supreme? She's gone from someone with a killer vagina to a witch with seemingly unprecedented powers. And, it's probably for the best that no one else is aware of her strength. Though, Marie now knows someone at the Academy does.

While Zoe was dealing the invasion outside, Delphine came face-to-face with her dead daughter and was nearly strangled to death. It's unclear how Delphine got free, but she did. And, her daughter went to attack Queenie. Every time, the witch uses her human voodoo doll power, it freaks me out. And, slicing her throat was no exception.

Queenie wasn't able to stop her though. Delphine got there in time and stabbed her daughter and killed her. The relationship between Queenie and Delphine started out very hateful, but it's evolved into something oddly special. They have each saved the other from harm now. 

Delphine has grown immensely since she was dug up. She was detestable when she first arrived, but she's turned into one of the most likeable characters on the show. After killing her daughter she accurately reflected on the moment, "She had a monster for a mother. Her death was the only kindness I ever did for her."

Meanwhile, Fiona was at the hospital with her daughter and was more concerned with herself than her daughter. Her actions were odd, especially after she drugged herself up. Was the patient really in a hospital room with her dead baby? With the Cordelia's situation out of her control, she brought life to the baby to reassure herself.

While Fiona's husband is a horrible person too, Fiona had no right to demand that he leave Cordelia. Though, Fiona being Fiona had to maintain control over the situation. Cordelia's injury provided her an opening to not be a mother, but to have authority over her. We'll have to see how long that lasts though.

Cordelia may have lost her eyesight, but she gained an even more potent power. When she put her hand on her husband, she was able to see his previous misdeeds. No more keeping his affairs and killings a secret. It's unfortunate that she's going to find out how repugnant her husband has been, but she'll know the truth.

This new power will be a huge threat to Fiona. The Council showed up after both attacks and determined that Fiona should be removed as Supreme. Instead, Fiona used the opportunity to manipulate them and get revenge on poor Myrtle. With Queenie's help, Fiona framed Myrtle for the attack on Cordelia. And, even placed suspicion for Madison's disappearance on her rival.

Myrtle took the blame honorably even though she was innocent and was burned at the stake. It was intriguing that the young witches all expected that punishment to be symbolic rather than literal. They went out to the quarry and Myrtle was set afire, killed, and left there for the scavengers to feed.

Fiona's reign of power and manipulation will be threatened like she never thought imaginable. Cordelia's power, the Council's watchful eye, Marie Laveau's quest for vengeance, and now she also will have to contend with the resurrected Myrtle. Danger should be headed Fiona's way, though ... perhaps she'll find a way out. After all, Fiona's a survivor.

Who should Fiona fear the most? Could Zoe be the next Supreme? Will Queenie see through Fiona's manipulations? Is Fiona or Delphine the worse mother?

Burn, Witch. Burn! Review

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