American Horror Story Review: Shocking Inside Threat Revealed

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Zoe continued to expand in her role as a leader in American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 6 after initially stepping up during Marie Laveau's zombie attack.

After finding information left by previous students in a secret compartment, Zoe convinced Queenie and Nan that they needed to stick together to preserve the Coven, survive as witches and protect their kind. The Academy went from hundreds of students and they were the only three left.

Queenie Contacts a Spirit

With Fiona preoccupied with her cancer treatment and Cordelia's healing, the young witches were left on their own to solidify their strength together and investigate Madison's disappearance. They used the Spirit Board to reach out for answers. I was on Queenie's side. Those things freak me out. And, in that house, it would be even more scary.

Despite Queenie's hesitation, they used it and reached the Axeman. Bad call, girls! And, even worse was that Zoe decided to contact him again on her own to find out what happened to Madison. It worked, but at what cost? She wasn't planning on releasing the Axeman, but he didn't accept that.

Madison's dead body was found in the attic, as expected, Zoe's first move was to take her to Misty's ... broken off arm included. Even though Misty initially said she couldn't save Madison, I never doubted that the movie star would be brought back. Memory loss seems to be the popular plot device of the season (Beauty and the BeastThe Vampire Diaries), but it made perfect sense in given the situation.

Who will figure out that Fiona killed Madison first? Will Madison remember? Or, will Cordelia "see" it? With all that Fiona has going on right now, I'm glad that little tidbit will remain a secret for now. When it comes out, it will be a doozy. Though, with Fiona's declining health, it may be a non-issue.

The biggest surprise reveal was that Cordelia's husband, Hank, is a Witch Hunter. What? Fiona's had a problem with him for years, but how did she not know that he was killing witches? Or, why didn't Nan know? Maybe Hank stayed away from them for that reason.

Plus, why has it taken Marie Laveau so long to push him to finish the job? Six years is a long time to have killed only 9 witches. At first, I thought it was because of the truce, but she was breaking that when she first collaborated with Hank to kill the Salem witches.

Perhaps, Hank did get too close and attached to his wife and her students. He killed the red-head, but she only visited Cordelia and didn't stay at the school. Since she decided to leave, her death wouldn't be noticed by the others at the Academy or in the community.

It may get more difficult for him to fulfill his agreement with Marie if the young witches continue to get stronger. Zoe's power is growing every day. She was able to pull the right magic spell book and ritual out without much trouble at all. And, then used it with ease to get rid of the Axeman and save Cordelia. Whether or not she used the best spell is questionable, since he didn't move on to another realm. Nope. He ended up sitting down at the bar next to Fiona.

At this point, I'm most interested in what happens to Zoe and Cordelia. As their new powers manifest, they will have greater influence over Fiona. Who will be the next Supreme? Or, will the Salem witches even continue to live long enough to see another Supreme named?

It's a dangerous time for them. Though, I guess as long as Misty's around, she can just continue to bring them back. Myrtle's revenge should be awesome!

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