Arrow Round Table: "Crucible"

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The TV Fanatic Round Table focuses in this edition on Arrow Season 2 Episode 4, which delivered a number of fascinating, breathtaking reveals.

Join staff writers Kate Brooks, Nick McHatton, Carla Day, Carissa Pavlica and special guest Hank Otero of Hank's Entertainment Site to talk about the Black Canary shocker and how it might affect the Lance family.


What surprised you the most about Crucible?

Kate: I'd say the two big reveals. I want to say Sara was HUGE but because the actress is different, I sort of had a hard time with it at first but now I'm pretty stoked. I knew that Blood wasn't a good guy and when they revealed he was Brother Blood, I said, "I KNEW IT!!!" Very loudly, I might add. Holy moly what a good episode!

Hank: I absolutely agree with Kate, the two big reveals. Though Caity Lotz is awesome, she doesn't resemble Laurel (Katie Cassidy) in the least or the original actress from Season 1 for that matter. It really threw me and it took a while to get used to. Wonder why they recast the part, any idea Carissa? The Blood reveal was freakin' cool, even though I knew it was coming. What a creepy leatherface-type update to the Brother Blood mask. Wow!

Nick: I'm echoing the panel here. I'm absolutely in love with the reveal that Sara is the Black Canary. The show is keeping the character in the family so to speak, and that's really awesome. I'm curious if they did a recast to keep this reveal to a minimum. I'm also surprised that Oliver saw Sara again on the island, and, finally, I'm super pumped to see that Blood is bad. His morality and love of people always came across as completely fake, so I'm glad that he's finally been revealed.

Carla: I knew about the Black Canary reveal, so that wasn't a surprise. Though, I was shocked by Blood's reveal as a man with a nefarious plan. Wow. Did not see that coming and the reveal on the heels of Sara's unmasking was perfect.

Carissa: My biggest shock was how quickly Sara let herself be known to Oliver and how easy it was for him to take his hood off and remove her mask. I thank that writers greatly for not dragging out that moment well into the season. It's so much better with them both knowing each other so we can get a better understanding of what happened to them after the Gambit went down. Even though I knew Sebastian Blood would be Brother Blood, it was sad to see it happen. I rather liked him, and he had good advice for Oliver. I guess we all have both good and evil inside of us.

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What did you think about Oliver and Sara's coming out moment?

Kate: I love every single moment of this episode, including this one.

Hank: I liked Oliver's reaction when he removed her mask. It's one of those moments you rewind to watch over and over again. I'm excited about the possibility of Canary (Sara) joining the team. However, I'm going to try not getting too attached. After all, we know Laurel takes over at some point.

Nick: Absolutely shocking. The show threw me for such a loop, but it was a good one.

Carla: It was well orchestrated. Oliver capturing her in a trap, her verifying he really wanted to know, to her unmasking and his unhooding. And, then the bomb-shell that Oliver knew that Sara didn't die on the Queen's Gambit.... Whoa! This show knows how to unfold a story with suspense and surprises.

Carissa: It actually make my skin tingle. It was also key to note that once Sara dared say "Ollie" that he was able to see beyond her mask. Maybe their suspension of disbelief is just so powerful because they really think nobody but them would be clever enough to don a disguise and fight crime or what have you, and that's why they can't see beyond their cloaks. 

Do you think Sara will reveal herself to her family, and how?

Kate: Absolutely. She HAS to. I think she'll kind of just spring it on them or some sort of surprise. Sara is probably going to be the only person on the world who can help heal Laurel. I also hope she finds a way to do it to save the Lance's from hating Oliver.

Hank: Eventually, but I'm not sure how that's going to play out. Possibly in a similar situation to Oliver's reveal to Tommy, with someone's life in danger.

Nick: I think she eventually will, but I don't think it will be by choice. I'm thinking Quentin or Laurel will end up inadvertently discovering her.

Carla: With Sara's current predicament with the League of Assassins, I hope it's not soon. I would like for her to extricate herself from them first, otherwise their lives will be at risk. Though, that may very well be how they find out. Sara's weakness is her family.

Carissa: I'd like to think that Oliver and Sara walking hand in hand was an indication that they were going to do it together to save the Lance family from any further sorrow. One thing I know is that my best guess will probably be wrong since this team of writers does such a great job at surprising us.

How do you think the Lance family will react if/when they find out?

Kate: I think it'll go like this: shock, tears, anger at both Oliver and Sara, and some revelations of the truth, the finally acceptance.

Hank: Papa Lance is going to flip out... you mean all those AA meetings and depression for nothing? Haha I think they're certainly going to have a zillions questions. It will be very interesting to see the dynamic between Laurel and Sara. I'm looking forward to that.

Nick: They'll be happy to see her, and they'll be confused; above all, they'll wonder why she didn't come home sooner. I think that will be their biggest question, and some of those questions will be directed to Oliver since he knew she was alive (well, maybe the island storyline can change at any moment).

Carla: At first, shock, then joy, and lastly anger. Their grief over her death cost them all so much that it will be difficult for them to forgive her for not coming home. Though, if she's honest about what happened to her, they will overcome that and love her. That's if they get the chance. Will she stick around Starling City? And, will she live long enough to enjoy her family again?

Carissa: It's going to depend on how it happens. If she reveals herself to them, things will go one way. I'm imagining how Laurel gets dragged into this Canary thing, and the only thing I can think of is Sara dies while working with The Arrow and that's how they find out Then they realize how she trusted The Arrow, that he is Oliver and Laurel dons the suit. But that will be at least a season away. I hope she comes out as herself before that happens.

What do you think the purpose of the flashback ship is and Sara's role on it?

Kate: I just get this feeling that this is going to be painful for Oliver at first but somehow Sara is going to join the team of him and Slade. Sara asked, "what happened to Slade" - So obviously, something is going to happen that brings these 3 together.

Hank: You know, I have no clue. It does seem like this is where Oliver's going to pick up some Russian and become involved with the Bratva. I'm enjoying that the storylines are even more unpredictable than last season.

Nick: The ship probably picked her up after the Gambit went down; the ship is full of pretty ruthless people so it was probably a case of kill or be killed. She adapted to the ship's conditions to survive.

Carla: I have no idea what's happening on the ship and island. It's all a mystery to me. That may be part of the reason, I don't enjoy the flashbacks. Though, now that Sara will be with Oliver there perhaps they will get better and provide further insight into the present day world.

Carissa: Nick could be right. Maybe the ship picked her up when the Gambit went down. That would mean she had a far tougher time of it than Oliver in the year they were apart. Sara's mention of Slade might mean he's elsewhere on the ship, so it will be interesting to see when we see more of that. 

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer and critic for TV Fanatic. She's a member of the Critic's Choice Association, enjoys mentoring writers, cats, and passionately discussing the nuances of television and film. Follow her on Twitter and email her here at TV Fanatic.

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The Arrow: Why are you following Laurel Lance?
Canary: I could ask the same thing of you. I guess some things never change. You and her. Always and forever.

Laurel: Please don't ask me if I'm OK because I am sick to death of everyone asking me that.
Oliver: I would never do that.
Laurel: Good.
Oliver: You OK?

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