Elementary Review: The Act of Coitus

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Mycroft made his triumphant return to Elementary this week and it was not only revealed that plenty happened between him in Joan in London... he finally told Sherlock that he was battling leukemia.

Elementary Season 2 Episode 7 continued to prove that this show is still quote versatile, as the writers were able to link horse breading and a cartel gunman in ways we never imagined possible.

The Brother Dilemma

The big reveal tonight? Joan and Mycroft slept together.

I think back to the Elementary Season 2 Episode 1 when we first met Myrcoft, I knew he had this sort of interest in Joan, but I would have never guessed they did the deed. I figured his curiosity didn't steer past Sherlock.

I am glad I was wrong, however. The awkward tension was too much to handle... in a good way. Thank God for Sherlock and his ability to pinpoint the tension, while making it a lot worse. The sass from Sherlock was at an all-time high.

We've never really seen Joan in this position, the sort of "walk of shame" thing she had going on. There are so many sides to both Sherlock and Joan that are worth exploring. The annoying little brother and the shameful side of Joan are the icing on an already delicious cake.

Elsewhere, Mycroft brought his ex-fiance - who Sherlock slept with to prove she was no good - to New York City so Sherlock could possibly solve a mystery for her. So, on top of the awkward tension between Myrcroft and Joan, we had the complete disdain that Sherlock felt for Nigella.

As usual, these tensions and reveals brought Sherlock and Joan closer.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. It seemed a bit more on the light side, featuring more comical scenes than usual. It is such a joy to see Rhys Ifans on screen playing a Holmes. Not to mention: how great it is to see Sherlock open himself up to a better relationship with his brother?

The opening scene was the best scene when Sherlock started to open himself up in his meeting while Joan sat outside. 

It's the little things in Elementary, I'm telling you. From the quirks to the one-liners, I can't get enough of them and I can't get enough of this show.

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Elementary Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

[To Joan and Mycroft] One question, is this going to be an ongoing arrangement. If it is, I will need to plan accordingly. Get it sorted immediately, it's the least you could do.


[To Joan] Oh my God, you had sex with my brother.... Willingly.