Scandal Round Table: "Icarus"

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Olivia flew a little close to the sun in her quest to find out what happened to her mother on last week's Scandal. While she didn't get many answers, one thing she knows for sure is that Fitz knows more than he's saying. The team also took up the Josie Marcus campaign, leaving Mellie and Cyrus scrambling to manage Fitz' reelection. 

Plus Charlie's back and he has his sights set on Quinn. That promises to be interesting.

We're here to discuss what went down in our latest TV Fanatic Scandal Round Table. Join staff writers Miranda Wicker, Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, and Emily from ABC Scandal Fans as they dish on these topics and more. After reading what they have to say, be sure to chime in below with your thoughts!


What was your favorite scene or quote in "Scandal Season 3 Episode 6"?

Miranda: This was a pretty great episode, I think, with lots of good tidbits. I think I loved the Adnan Salif conversations because Harrison is finally getting some back story. Finally.

Jim: I really liked Olivia turning down Fitz after he refused to answer her question. She stood her ground nicely. 

Emily: I loved the scene with Olivia on the phone with Rowan. It was so heartbreaking watching them both struggle with this secret and Rowan trying to give her something by letting her ask one question. On a lighter note, Mellie had some pretty great one liners in this episode too ("I did everything but roll your whore up in a rug and hurl her at your feet" and "Holy hillbillies"). Plus Huck's "They have an app for that" was just snuck in there when Quinn was late due to traffic. 

Christine:  I was going to go with Olivia's phone call with her father but since Emily picked that one already, I'll go with Josie's interview. I loved that she called out the subtle sexist crap that was be thrown at her and reminded everyone that she'd been a soldier for 7 years.. Heck, it made me want to vote for her. 

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Fudging the Reston video: Good move or testing Josie's temper?

Miranda: Good move. It wasn't a real ad, but it got Josie to be assertive while still being herself. It wasn't asking her to be someone she's not and compromise her integrity like going after the PAC money did. In terms of the ad, her sister-daughter needs to stand down and let OPA do the job they've been hired to do. 

Jim: Both, the Gladiators needed to see how she would react and it was a great push. 

Emily: I thought it was a good move. Since it was an in-house job they were able to get her fired up to push back against Reston. And, I thought it was very GLADIATORish that Candi figured it out by noticing Abby's nail polish. 

Christine:  It's why you hire the Gladiators. They get results, whatever way they have to. 

How much closer did we come to finding out the truth about Operation Remington this week? Theories?

Miranda: A little closer, but not close enough. It's clear that Fitz didn't know Olivia's mother was on the plane. Kudos to Tony Goldwyn for his acting in that scene. There was just enough furrowing of the brow to say he didn't know. Part of me wonders if Papa Pope knew based on how he was crying, but then perhaps he wasn't Command then and was following an order. He, like Huck, chose to have a family while being part of B613 and it cost him his wife. Maybe. Just a theory.

Jim: Barely any progress, we already knew Fitz wasn't flying the mission and we didn't learn much more this week. 

Emily: I TOTALLY agree with Miranda here! Based on the flashback when Rowan is watching the crash footage I drew the same parallel to Huck's situation also. In Huck's flashbacks there is a different Command that recruited him. Also, we know that Poppa Pope sent Olivia to boarding school shortly after Mama Pope died, which now I think was done to protect her. Protection could also be the reason Mama Pope kept her maiden name like Huck points out in the previous episode. I also agree that Fitz didn't know about Olivia's mom and I still don't think he knows that Command is her Dad. 

Christine:  Both a lot and a a little. I think it was clear that Fitz didn't know Olivia's mom was on that flight and I liked that he stood his ground with her. Whatever really happened, it was a special ops, classified mission for a reason. That means he's not allowed to tell anyone, not even the woman he loves. 

What do Rowan and Charlie want with Quinn?

Miranda: Well, it seems they have an opening, so I'm thinking she's going to be a new recruit and a plant inside OPA. 

Jim: I think Rowan wants to recruit her into B613. Baby Huck has the skills & she's looking for an outlet. 

Emily: Since Fitz's protective detail to out Rowan's latest attempt at eliminating Jake, I think he wants Charlie to recruit her and he'll try to use her to take out Jake, assuming that Jake wouldn't expect Quinn to be a threat. 

Christine:  I agree. I think she's being vetted as a new recruit. And even better that she's already inside OPA. Poppa Pope will definitely use that to his advantage. 

Are we about to get a Harrison-centric story and if so what is it?

Miranda: YESSSSSSSS!!!!! See my answer to the first question! Finally, Harrison gets a story! Whatever he was selling or extorting or whatever he was doing that got him sent to jail, it was because of this guy. Olivia probably got a deal where Harrison gave up secrets on Salif in order to get him out of prison and that's why Salif wants him dead. I'm so ready to learn more about Harrison. 

Jim: I hope we do. Would be cool. But, I have no idea what it might be. 

Emily: I've heard/read that we are finally getting a glimpse into Harrison's history and I know a lot of the fans, including myself, have been looking forward to finding out what makes him tick. Other than what we learned in this episode I have no clue what it could be, but it has to be big because his phone call with Cyrus had him totally freaked out. And if it means seeing more Harrison vs. Cyrus face-offs - I'm totally on board!

Christine:  There's obviously back story there and it sounds like it's going to get awful messy. It sounds like Cyrus is more than willing to put Harrison's life in danger to get Josie out of the picture. 

Where was David this week?

Miranda: Dressing up as Olivia Pope? I missed him. 

Jim: Working hard!

Emily: Taking a vacation in Mexico

Christine:  Spa day? Massage, facial, mani-pedi, sauna. Every man needs his me time.

Miranda Wicker is a Staff Writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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