Scandal Round Table: "Vermont Is For Lovers Too"

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Before we can fall into food comas after Thanksgiving here in the U.S., we have to talk about Scandal Season 3 Episode 8.

Huck's toolbox. James and Daniel Douglas. That Olitz reunion. There's just so much to discuss.

Join the TV Fanatic Round Table, consisting of Leigh Raines, Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, and Miranda Wicker with Emily from ABC Scandal Fans, as we dish up the dirt on Scandal before we dish out some turkey tomorrow. Be sure to sound off in the comments with your thoughts!


What was your favorite scene or quote from Scandal Season 3 Episode 8?

Leigh: My favorite part was when Liv was leaving Vermont and told Fitz not to sell the house, "not yet." It gave that glimmer of hope of a peaceful, passion-filled life. You just knew that house was built for them.

Jim: For me it was Quinn coming home and finding the picture and Huck ready to work. I don't know if Huck will really use all the devices on her, but he certainly wants her to think so.  

Emily: Of course my favorite scene was Fitz and Olivia in Vermont when he told her he built the house for her! *sigh* But on a completely different note, my favorite line was the doctor's response to Rowan when he asked about Mama Pope's mental state - "She ate her own wrists sir." Great "duh" moment!

Christine:  In a weird way it was the scenes where Mellie and Jake realized that Fitz and Olivia had gotten back together. Mellie loves Fitz in her own way and Jake has real feelings for Olivia. It was kind of heartbreaking to see them realize their chances for happiness just got crushed. 

Miranda: I'm with you, Christine. My favorite scenes where those with Jake and Liv. He knew that Fitz would find a way to reach her and had the opportunity to say "told you so." While it breaks my heart for Jake, those were really great moments. 

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On a scale of 1 to Completely Insane, rate Mama Pope.

Leigh: Uhhh she ate her wrists until she found an artery, so pretty mothereffing batshit.

Jim: Apparently anyone around Eli for any length of time is driven crazy. As Leigh pointed out, she *ate* her wrist until she hit an artery. GAH! I scream when I bite my lip.  

Emily: I'm with Leigh on COMPLETELY BATSHIT CRAZY! That goes back to my favorite line of the episode "She ate her own wrists sir."  That scene reminded me of the movie "Breakin' All The Rules" where Jamie Foxx is telling Gabrielle Union that you can't bite through your own skin because of the First Law of Nature: Self Preservation. So yeah, Mama Pope is Cray Cray!!

Christine:  Animals locked in a cages too long have actually been known to do this...chew into their own limbs. It's known as going "cage crazy." So yeah, she's definitely out of her mind. My question is, how much of that is from being locked up for two decades and how crazy was she going in?

Miranda: OMG! SHE PULLED A WALKING DEAD ON HERSELF! OMG! Completely, totally, balls to the wall insane. IN.SANE. But that's a really good point, Christine. How insane was she BEFORE Papa Pope locked her away?

Where do you stand on Olitz after their reunion?

Leigh: The reunion was great and proved they could get past pretty much anything. But does it change their circumstances? No.

Jim: I knew he had her at "I built it for us." Hell, I wanted to sleep with him after that. 

Emily: Jim, that made my day! LOL! I have to agree with Jim and Leigh. I'm still an Olitz shipper despite their situation, but I think Leigh makes a good point that their circumstances still haven't changed. However, Liv telling him not to sell the house YET seems like maybe there is a small light at the end of the tunnel. 

Christine:  Part of me rolled my eyes. Haven't we been down this road before. I'm kind of tired getting them together just to break them apart so we can do it all over again.  And yet when Fitz told her, "I built it for us" I couldn't imagine her doing anything but ripping his clothes off. 

Miranda: Scoot over, Christine, and make room for me on that couch of yours. There's no denying that Fitz and Olivia have ridiculous chemistry, but the constant back and forth and maybe someday of their relationship just gets tiring after a while. So while I loved the scene and definitely felt Fitz' sadness and her hope, I just can't jump on the Olitz train with both feet. 

Did James really cheat on Cyrus?

Leigh: No I don't think so. I think he figured it out and got Daniel Douglas to help him. And let me say, Cy deserves to sweat it out.

Jim: This is where I disagree with Leigh. I think James did cheat on Cyrus specifically because Cy set him up to do so, and James has had enough of being used as a pawn. James and Daniel would not have known there was someone taking pictures though, so there will be fall out. 

Emily: I have to agree with Leigh that James didn't cheat, but I do think there was a setup involved. Maybe James new the photographer or something. On the other hand I don't think Douglas would agree to the photos because the last thing he wants is for this to get out. 

Christine:  Well, damn.  I went into this thinking it was a complete set up because James is an ethical guy and wouldn't do that but Jim and Emily have some good points. Would James have trusted a photographer enough to take those photos and would Douglas agree to go along with it? Now I'm really intrigued. 

Miranda: The fact that there are photographs makes me think perhaps James really did cheat on Cyrus and didn't know the paparazzi were hiding in the bushes, but then part of me says that James knows Cyrus and what he's capable of and would have anticipated that they were being set up. As much as I don't want to lose Dan Bucatinsky, I really hope he leaves Cyrus after being used yet again by the man he loves.

Are you ready for what appears to be the return of Spin?

Leigh: Holy shit when Quinn came home to that picture...dayum Huck is not messing around. It's so on. He is over baby-Huck disobeying but he is also protective. He doesn't want her outed to OPA but knows she is in deep deep trouble.

Jim: As long as they don't leave us hanging for weeks and weeks with a long winter break, I'm ready! 

Emily: All I know is that I'm gonna have to have some oxygen on hand to get through this! Holy drill bit, Batman! Robin is in deep s$#%! 

Christine:  With this show I never know what I'm ready for. I thought I was prepared for this episode but Mama Pope had me turning from the screen. Now I'm just cringing thinking about Huck and Quinn. Lord only knows what we're in for next.

Miranda: Huck is pissed that Baby Huck didn't let it go when he told her to. I can't decide if he's going to tie her down and scare her to death or if he'll really go through with torturing her, or which I want him to do. He'll do anything to protect Olivia and get to Command, so my money's on the latter. Quinn should've heeded his warnings.

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