TV Fanatic Gives Thanks For NCIS Agents, Daniel Gillies and More!

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Happy Thanksgiving, TV Fanatics!

Below, in what has become a site tradition, various staff members have gathered for a special Round Table discussion in which we dissect what on television we're thankful for this year, from character deaths to shirtless superheroes and a lot more...

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Matt Richenthal: The death of Silas. Amara. And Tessa. Perhaps now The Vampire Diaries Season 5 can return its focus to the core characters viewers actually care about.

Michelle Carlbert: Shows that have found ways to push the envelope so far that the paper has torn and the letter has fallen out, but I still don't care - like Scandal and last week's shocking episode of Person of Interest. I'm also thankful for cable in all its forms that allows us to have good TV all year round.

Leigh Raines: I'm thankful to Nashville for bringing Connie Britton back to my TV and filling my iTunes with such great Nashville music...for American Horror Story's Coven that I have to watch peeking out through my fingers...Thursday nights for TVD and Scandal, entertaining me in two totally different but satisfying ways...and last but not least DANIEL GILLES.

Steve Marsi: That TV Fanatic has become the premiere destination to watch Family Guy online.

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Carla Day: That the shirt shortage epidemic has left network and cable television abs-olutely abs-tastic.

Miranda Wicker: I'm thankful for The Originals and that epic and badass Klaus fight. And also for any and everything Daniel Gillies.

Douglas Wolfe: Grateful that on NCIS they replaced Ziva with Ellie Bishop, an agent who is nothing like her and who has no romantic interest in or tension with DiNozzo.

Christine Orlando: That Rick Castle and Kate Beckett are happily engaged. The show is such fun with them as a couple. Now if they'd just get to share an actual on screen kiss…. also that the Red John saga is over on The Mentalist. For as much as I enjoyed the chase and the drama, I can't wait to see where the show goes from here.

Jim Halterman: That shows such as The Good Wife, The Walking Dead and Person of Interest exist... and know how to knock our socks off!

Eric Hochberger: Forgive the cheesy response, but I am thankful to our readers for their patience and advice during our most recent site upgrade. We hope you are all satisfied, we appreciate your input - and we look forward to a terrific 2014!

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics. As you settle down to fill up today, sound off: What are you thankful for on the small screen?

Matt Richenthal is the Editor in Chief of TV Fanatic. Follow him on Twitter and on Google+.

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