Homeland Review: The Sharpie Star

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Is Brody a hero?

That's a question that will be debated for many years to come.

Without question, Brody's been resilient. After surviving years as a Prisoner of War, Brody's life was continuing threatened after he returned  home. He almost blew himself up with a suicide vest, both Abu Nazir and the CIA considered assassinating him, and then he survived the Langley bombing to almost die in Caracas. 

Going into the Homeland season 3 finale, Brody's life was once again in danger. Would he find a way to survive once again? Or after fulfilling his mission for the United States would he finally be killed?

Closing In

As the first half of Homeland Season 3 Episode 12 progressed, it became increasingly clear that Brody wouldn't make it out of Iran alive. After killing Akbari, he barely made it out of the building and compound. At least he made it to Carrie and they were able to see each other again.

As soon as Javadi said he needed to capture Brody in order to secure his succession of Akbari, Brody's fate was sealed. Javadi's role was more important than any one life, especially that of a former terrorist. Or, at least that's how the President certainly saw it. Saul believed Brody as a member of their team who completed his mission and shouldn't be left behind.

Despite everything I was seeing on the screen, I kept hoping that Brody would once again survive. Each time Brody's escaped death, I've been glad to see him make it. Some may call me a Brody apologist, but he was a Marine who served his country. He was captured, tortured, manipulated and withstood more than any man should have to all for his country. That means something.

What came after needs to be looked at through a lens of what he withstood. It's not a pretty picture, but did Brody deserve to be deserted by his country after he completed his mission? No. He shouldn't have been sold out not even for the success of the mission. That was disturbing. 

At least Saul wasn't the one who betrayed Brody and Carrie. On the build up to his public hanging, I held out hope that he would be rescued. And to be honest, even after he was killed, I thought maybe Javadi faked it somehow and Brody would show up in the US alive and well.

Brody led a tragic life, but at least Carrie was able to get a little closure with him at the safe house and then on the phone. She believed that they were destined to cross paths and he agreed. Their's wasn't meant to be a happy ending though. They were there for each other through some of the darkest days of their lives.

Javadi's an evil man, but he had the poignant words about Carrie's dedication to the plan. Even though Brody was set to be executed, Javadi said that Carrie succeeded. She wanted everyone to see the Brody that she knew and now they all had, including Javadi. In the end, Brody was at peace with his execution. He never envisioned a future for himself and his pain would finally end.

Four months later ... life goes on. Saul pulled off an incredible feat by turning Javadi and getting Iran to open their borders to full nuclear inspections. A success, but he was still out and Lockhart was in. And surprisingly, Carrie was on Lockhart's side. Their contentious relationship ended at some point.

Carrie was promoted to Station Chief of Istanbul and she had a baby girl on the way. Carrie was confident in her ability to do her job, but struggled with the idea of being a mother. Carrie is scared at the prospect of being responsible for another. Her sister is probably right that a baby would help ground Carrie.

Going into Homeland season 4, the biggest question is what will Carrie do? As a Station Chief, Carrie won't have to do as much traveling, so in a way, it's the perfect job for her. And I can't imagine that she would give up this piece of Brody that she has left. Though, with Carrie anything's possible. 

After Lockhart denied her request to honor Brody with a star on Langley's wall, Carrie honored him in her own way. She added a black Sharpie star for him. Her star was an even more touching tribute to the man that she loved than an official star would have been by reflecting their rogue relationship.

RIP Nicholas Brody. You deserve it after all the suffering you endured.

Did you hope Brody would make it out alive? Was death the best future for Brody? Should Carrie keep the baby?

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