The Big Bang Theory Midseason Report Card: Grade It!

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More laughs or not? The Big Bang Theory season 7 has been very uneven.

There have been some great The Big Bang Theory​ episodes, though most of them have been mediocre. Not hilarious, but not horrible either. 

Check out our report card and grade it below!


Best episodeThe Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 11, "The Cooper Extraction," was not only hilarious, but also provided a fresh look at the group. Instead of a normal Christmas episode, the writers shook things up by sending Sheldon to help with his sister's childbirth. Whether Sheldon was responsible for bringing the group together or not, the various alternative situations provided plenty of laughs. Plus, Sheldon's reaction to her labor and the birth allowed for some witty and funny lines.

Worst episodeThe Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 10, "The Discovery Dissipation," highlighted an annoying Sheldon.  He complained about the notoriety he received from his "lucky" discovery and then got upset when it was disproved by Leonard. Wil Wheaton's guest appearance bit was just uncomfortable to watch. Sheldon's whining was too much. Raj's stay with the Wolowitz's was slightly better, but not enough to save the episode.

Consoling Penny

Worst joke: The Thanksgiving episode, The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 9, was one of the funniest of the season so far with one major exception. Sheldon's slavery comments didn't make sense for his character, weren't funny, were offensive and entirely unnecessary.  

Favorite moment:  When Penny hit on Sheldon in the laundry room during the Christmas episode alternative reality. Her over-the-top flirting, the hair flip, and then taking her shirts off was hysterical. 

Funniest moment: In The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 2, Howard accidentally used his mother's estrogen cream and what followed was hysterical! The lines were funny, but it was Howard and Raj's physical actions that made it the funniest of the season so far, "Jump up and down -- let's see if they jiggle."

Most touching moment: Howard's decision to write and perform a song for his anniversary with Bernadette was a brilliant romantic gesture. He showed his dedication and love for Bernadette. She may have been in isolation, but that only made the salvaged performance all the more touching.

Best development: The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Episode 1 was a disappointment overall, but it will be forever known as when Raj overcame his inability to talk to women. Hallelujah! Raj doesn't need alcohol to talk to women any more. It's too bad that hasn't developed into a real relationship or interactions with women though.

Hopes for the rest of The Big Bang Theory season 7: 

  • Raj starts dating. There is so much opportunity here for the writers to develop his character. I want to see Raj grow in his interpersonal relationships.
  • Something needs to give in the relationship between Sheldon and Amy. Either he needs to recognize he is in an adult relationship and make an effort to satisfy his girlfriend. Or, she needs to move on. He doesn't treat her well and it's unhealthy. Plus, it's become stale. 
  • More nerd stuff! The show has lost its initial appeal and become more like other relationship-based sitcoms. I like the couples, but enjoy the friend stuff and bonding much more.
  • Less inconsistency around Sheldon's character and idiosyncrasies.
  • More full group episodes. The show is at its funniest when the entire group or at least most of it is together just being themselves. Game nights, holidays, helping with a project, etc.

Overall grade:  B-

Out of the first 11 episodes, only three of them really stuck out as hitting the right notes. And another couple were just not funny. The rest were just okay. They had funny moments, but didn't work in the entirety.

Grade The Big Bang Theory now:

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