White Collar Winter Finale Review: No Way Out?

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It seemed there was no way out for Neal in White Collar Season 5 Episode 9.

The truth had to come out eventually, but even then, it wasn't the whole truth, as Hagan is still more than capable of causing Neal and Peter untold troubles.

Unfortunately for viewers, we'll have to wait until White Collar Season 5 returns January 9 to see if the whole truth ever comes to light.

White Collar Winter Finale Scene

I thought the episode started out pretty great. Seeing Neal happy is never a bad moment, and Rebecca has unexpectedly managed to grown on me. That said, I am becoming increasingly suspicious of her motives, as are many of you Collars out there.

Is her eagerness a sign that she could be working with Hagan or have we become so cynical - or territorial - that we can't simply let the man be happy?! I am torn between both camps and haven't decided on an option.

I would say that the winter return promo (below) reveals that she could really become a victim, but if she's playing Neal, this may very well be the first time we've seen him be conned by an equally skilled con artist.

In other news, Peter was seriously ready to turn himself in. You knew it was serious the minute he set El down and debated the merits. It was clear El was leaning towards him keeping the secret for his own benefit. I was inclined to agree.

But there he went, getting Dawson ousted from his attorney position. I just wonder if Peter did it in a way that completely covers himself in retrospect. We have to keep in mind that Peter still doesn't know about Hagan's involvement, which is a really crippling reality.

Another crippling reality is that Peter and Neal's relationship is at a serious crossroads. Neal has really tested the waters and shattered the boundaries that kept their relationship relatively pure and drama-free. This is clearly the variety of a situation that could lead to a permanent breakup. To be honest, I thought Peter was about to cut Neal loose right then and there at the office the next day.

The only "good" thing, and I say that sparingly, that seemed to take place during this episode was the revelation that the stained glass was actually something that could be used to reveal the real secrets behind Chapter 13. Now if only Mozzie and Neal could do something to use this fact to get themselves out of this epic and ever-deepening mess!

We have to wait three weeks in order for everything to come to light, but do you think everything will work our between Neal and Peter, or has their relationship taken a turn for the worst?

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