American Horror Story Review: The Doors Open

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A new Supreme has been anointed! 

Before we get to the Seven Wonders and who ended up as the Coven's leader, how about that opening sequence?

Stevie Nicks' inclusion in the witch installment of American Horror Story was fitting, though it also felt out of place. Despite that, I loved the opening musical number. It worked to set the stage for the season finale.

From the song to a short meal and off to the Seven Wonders. American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 13 didn't waste any time getting to the heart of the Supreme contest. I was a little surprised to see that only Misty, Madison, Queenie and Zoe would be tested. While it made sense that Myrtle didn't participate since she already went through the screening when Fiona became Supreme, I expected Cordelia to be tested.

Ultimately, her initial exclusion worked because of how she ended up being considered. She was too damaged from Fiona's abuse to consider herself a contender. She was better placed to help manage the contest with Myrtle. And, what a contest it ended up being! It wasn't only dangerous, but deadly.

The rivalry between Madison and Zoe for Kyle carried over into the Seven Wonders test. Instead of using mind control on Zoe, Madison forced Kyle to kiss her and then to kiss her shoe. Ouch! I was glad to see Zoe protect Kyle and overpower Madison's control. It was better than a bitch slap! It was too bad that Kyle paid the price for their fight, especially when Cordelia flung him into the wall.

Poor Misty! She was hesitant to participate at all. After she successfully held the candlestick in her hand and blew out the flame, she was determined. Out of all the "hells" that were visited, hers was by far the worst. I can't even image the torment that she felt being forced to kill the frog after bringing it back to life over and over again. I hope that she's not stuck there forever, though it seems likely she will be there forever.

Queenie's chicken shack nightmare was bad, but she could have learned to accept it. And, Madison's was more funny that torture. Liesl in the live, network production of Sound of Music is a blessing compared to the others. Zoe's repeated heartbreak was nearly or as bad as Misty's, but she was able to escape the horror.

One down, three more to go. The transmutation phase ended up being a lot of fun until Zoe was impaled. It was great to see the girls have some fun. They hadn't had any in a long time. That was until Zoe was killed, of course. That was heartbreaking and even worse when Queenie couldn't save her.

Madison's selfishness cost her the shot at being Supreme. She could have saved Zoe and competed fairly for the leadership role, but instead her ego cost her everything. She lost her chance at being Supreme and then she lost her life. Her died in an appropriate way when Kyle killed her, since she was responsible for Zoe's death.

I cheered when Kyle didn't fall for her "I love you" bit. His line about her not being that good of an actress was awesome. Initially it seemed like Spalding was going to keep her as his plaything again, but not even he wanted her. A secret burial was as good as she was going to get. Bye, Madison!

Madison's refusal to save Zoe ended up leading to the Supreme solution. Myrtle's eyes opened and she realized that it was Cordelia that should be the next Supreme. Cordelia had the power within her the whole time and the leadership ability that her mother never possessed.  Zoe was revived and Cordelia completed the other Seven Wonders without a problem.

Cordelia's eyesight was magically restored as she earned her rightful place at the head of the Coven. 

Before Cordelia became Supreme, the Coven was dying ... literally. Witches kept being killed off, so she did something about it. She went public and girls from all around came to the school to enroll. She was able to renew the Coven and set it on a path of success.

But, Cordelia had a few challenges she had to face first. Her two mothers. Myrtle insisted on being burned at the stake for killing the two other Council members. At first Cordelia hesitated, but then agreed to follow through with the punishment. It was a sad moment for both of them.

Without Myrtle, Cordelia wouldn't have become Supreme at all. Plus, Myrtle was her true mother figure. My heart broke when Cordelia told Myrtle, "You were my mother. You were my true mother. Just as you promised you would be." At least this time, Myrtle was rightfully burned at the stake and was at peace with it.

Then, Cordelia was left to deal with Fiona. In American Horror Story season 3 episode 12, it appeared that the Axeman killed Fiona only it was simply for appearances. Fiona planted that memory in his head to fool Cordelia. Fiona wanted to live and that meant waiting for the new Supreme to be named so she could take her successor's power as her own.

Fiona's death in Cordelia's arms was a much more fitting end for her than being killed by the Axeman. Fiona was smart until the end. There was even a tiny amount of pride in her eyes that Cordelia was the next Supreme. She was a horrible mother and just as bad a Supreme.

Fiona faced her worst nightmare two times and then was left to live her final one. She felt her power leave her to go to Cordelia and that left her helpless and human. She was forced to live her fear before she died. It was the final battle and one that she couldn't win. In death, she was forced to live a permanent nightmare with the Axeman, fish and a horrible cabin.

Don't RIP, Fiona!

Cordelia was left to run the Academy with Zoe and Queenie by her side, plus Kyle too. The school was filled with life and laughter from all the new girls. For the most part, the good survived to rule while the bad and selfish were sent to the other side. It's a brand new day for the Coven and a surprisingly happy conclusion.

What was your favorite moment?

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