Arrow Round Table: "Blast Radius"

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Welcome to the latest Arrow Round Table!

This week, the panelists talk about Arrow Season 2 Episode 10 and discuss Laurel's investigation into Sebastian Blood, why nobody else sense's his deviant nature and what's in store for Roy and the Lance family, among other things.

Get into the discussion by joining staff writers Robin Harry, Nick McHatton, Hank Otero and Carissa Pavlica and don't hold back what you're thinking. As if we could stop you! 


What did you think of Laurel's investigation of Blood, and what do you think made her suspicious?

Robin: She had a gut feeling, which I'm fine with. However, her investigation was preposterous. She automatically assumed criminal intent without evidence, stole a random piece of paper on his desk, tracked it to a mental institution -- and then immediately believed the delirious mental patient in the throes of psychosis. I mean, as viewers we know she right, but...seriously?

Hank: I think Roy and Sin's questions about Blood set her off no? She's right to investigate him, he seems too good to be true.

Nick: I'm absolutely loving it. A sleuthing Laurel is much better than a depressed Laurel! Her problems in the first half of the season aren't gone, we see her taking some pills in one scene, but now there's a bit more for her to do. Laurel worked at CNRI for years helping people in need. Originally, she might have latched on to Blood as a way to get back to those days, but as she interacts with Blood I think she picks up on the fact that's he a big phony. All those years of giving legal aid to people has probably given Laurel great instincts for spotting liars, and she picks up on Blood's scent quickly.

Carissa: Nick's answer is my favorite. Laurel has had a lot of time getting to know the seedier side of Starling City, and she should be able to spot a liar, given her legal background. Her father should have taught her a thing or two, as well. I'm happy she feels strong and sure enough about herself to get back into the game. Why let everyone else look after her city when she's perfectly capable?

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Why are Oliver and Lance so taken with Blood, so much so Lance overlooks Laurel's concerns about him?

Robin: They're taken with him because he's charismatic, and because he outwardly really seems to care about the city that's suffered so much recently. I can relate...I'm from a city where the mayor smokes crack. Sebastian would probably be welcome here too. Oliver particularly has his hope in Blood, and sees him as the person who could change the city so he wouldn't need to be the Arrow.

Hank: I honestly, have no idea. Don't like the guy and haven't liked him since day one. I imagine both Ollie and Lance have been fooled by Blood's constant campaigning and his attempts to save the city.

Nick: Blood represents the goals Oliver and Lance have for the city. The both of them are so happy to see a man putting the city first that they're willing to overlook any kind of flaws or inconsistencies with him. Plus, Blood is smooth and polished; he knows exactly what to say and who to say it to.

Carissa: I'm shocked at how easily they've fallen under his spell. It's as if they're just tired and so busy working these other angles that they think what help he's giving is a load off their backs. The name Blood should be a tipoff, they should both be better at reading people and the little things like bad things happening within close proximity to Blood while he doesn't get harmed should have raised their alarms. They're going to feel so bad when it all comes crumbling down.

I likened Oliver and Felicity to Samantha and Jake in Sixteen Candles. Since she's seeing Barry (while he's sleeping), do you think they'll focus more on partnership for now?

Robin: I think they made a point of using the word "partner" to establish a sense of equality between them. He's not the hero to her damsel in distress, neither is she his sidekick. With that clear and with Barry having conceded, I think they're going to start resolving the romantic tension.

Hank: I've always thought (though there is chemistry), that Oliver and Felicity make better friends/partners than lovers. I'm just not team Olicity... (ducks and runs for cover). I actually liked Felicity and Barry together, those two work for me. Hopefully, Felicity will make an appearance on The Flash!

Nick: For sure, at least until something with Barry changes. However, the partnership is necessary for any kind of development of any relationship. I don't know if I would ever want one (as much as I like their chemistry), but they need to be on solid and trustworthy footing before anything happens. Oliver telling Felicity she's his partner, not a sidekick, is a strong first step towards partnerships and relationships.

Carissa: I'm still not sold that they will ever be anything more than extremely attracted to each other, but that's alright. I like their friendship so much that I kind of hope they spend more time getting to know each other before ever going there. I'm also liking the idea of Felicity becoming Oracle in the Birds of Prey. While I don't want her to become a paraplegic, they've set her up to be Oracle, with her computer skills and incredible intelligence. Romance might get in the way.

Shouldn't Roy be a little more concerned about what's going on with him?

Robin: I think he's very concerned; that's why he distancing himself from Thea. I think he's confused and scared and has no idea what to do.

Hank: Whatever is going on with Roy, the writers need to focus on him a bit more in the next few episodes. I'm not that interested in Roy right now, his storyline seems to be stalling. Maybe it's just me, I don't know.

Nick: What young guy wouldn't love to be damn near invincible and have super strength? He might be a little freaked out about what's going on with him, but I think he'll start with the thrill of it all before he gets to the freaking. I'm curious if Sara's warning to Oliver about Slade will hold true for Roy. The serum changes a person, and it's almost never for the better. Slade is already grappling with what the serum is doing to him on the island flashbacks, and, as we saw last year, the change probably hasn't been for the better.

Carissa: Again, I'm on board with Nick here. Either Blood or Slade will get to Roy and talk him into doing something with the, and given the current storyline with Oliver, Blood and Laurel, my bet is on Blood. Oliver will probably feel it's safe to entrust Roy with Blood. Oops.

Did you catch Lance ask about Arrow's mask? If he can see that then what the hell?

Robin: I think Lance could see the bottom of the mask, but not his full face because of the hood and the shadow it casts. Hey, it could be worse. Clark Kent just takes off his glasses.

Hank: Exactly, Nick, he's got to know Oliver is the Arrow... That green eye makeup wasn't fooling anyone. It's also possible, since he has a mask now, that he holds his head a bit higher. You know, less hiding under the hood... yeah that's the ticket!

Nick: I will not be surprised if Quentin tells Oliver he's known all along when the time finally comes that Oliver's unmasks himself for the good detective.

Carissa: My biggest beef with superhero shows. Taking your hair down, removing glasses, peeling off a hood. The power of suggestion is too easy. At least Blood is wearing an all-over head mask. Gotta give him props.

How are you envisioning the Laurel story arc leading up to the big Lance reunion in Arrow Season 2 Episode 14?

Robin: I think between crossing Sebastian Blood and her pill-popping (I think she stole the pain pills that Quentin "lost"), Laurel's going to find herself either in a jail cell or a padded cell. That will bring her sister back to town.

Hank: Is she still on the show? LOL I'm just hoping the creative team is able to turn the character around. Laurel is my least favorite character on Arrow and I know for a fact, I am not alone on this one.

Nick: Laurel working to try to figure out what Blood is up to will probably lead to this reunion. Usually whenever an "outlier" in Arrow gets close to uncovering something big things happen.

Carissa: Now I've been reading Stephen Amell's Facebook page and he's singing the praises of Arrow Season 2 Episode 15 as the biggest and best episode yet, titled "The Promise," and while all of the Olicity fans want it to be about a kiss, I'm thinking that after the Lance family reunion in 14, Laurel will make a promise to Sara to carry the song as Canary and it will be the beginning of that chapter of her life.

Or, knowing Arrow, Laurel will die and Sara will stick around as Canary promising to be by Oliver's side protecting Starling City. All will lead to a season finale creating Felicity's Oracle. Either way, I can't wait!!

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