The Mindy Project Review: Happily Ever After?

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When Mindy dozed off on the way to the airport, she woke up in what looked like a set from Breaking Bad, complete with a RV in the driveway.

Tempers flared between her and Danny while on their nighttime stroll through the desert, but things heated up in a much different way by the end of The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 14.

Mindy would have been more than happy to accompany Danny on his trip to meet his father... if not for her decision to get Cliff back after downing a bottle of wine bought as a gas station.

Mindy was all gung-ho, while it was Danny in need of some emotional support. Danny is always there for Mindy, so I couldn't fault him too much for "kidnapping" his friend and coworker in his time of need.

The usually jovial Peter, meanwhile, was as bitter as we've ever seen him as he returned to the office in New York. Things went from bad to worse for him when he got locked in the bathroom with Morgan.

After two hours of hearing Cliff sing Jewel I would have lost it, too, but did anyone else catch the subtle reference to The Princess Bride by Peter? As Morgan wondered what could possibly be making Cliff so miserable, Peter offered up an explanation that sounded very similar to when Inigo Montoya recognized the sound of ultimate suffering made by the Man in Black.

I know that cry anywhere. That is the sound of a man that's had his heart broken.


Morgan and Peter's offer to take Cliff out for a night not to remember was a nice gesture, even if Peter took some convincing at first. 

I don't know, I got a sex date with a 2 which means she's a Chicago 4 which means she's a Wisconsin 9.


The mood quickly shifted, though, when they realized it was Cliff who had dumped Mindy and not the other way around. Loved their loyalty.

Back in the desert, Mindy came to Danny's rescue, but when he got nasty about Cliff dumping her, she let him have it. Not sure what was better, Mindy telling Danny to walk twenty feet behind her and whistle Rue's song from The Hunger Games or Danny's attempt to do so.

Danny saved face eventually when he showed Mindy his true character by reconciling with his father. Then, on the plane ride home, you just knew the words he was feeding Mindy for her letter to Cliff were his own feelings for her. When the plane hit a rough patch, Danny looked like he thought it was going down.

I think he made up his mind right there that he wasn't going to waste another minute hiding his feelings for Mindy. So off he went to the back of the plane and delivered a mile high kiss for the ages.

So... is it happily ever after from here on out? Safe to say not likely, but I'll be grinning until the show returns in April. Where do you think their kiss ranks among other on screen firsts?

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The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Every great love story also has an end. And when your love story ends, all you can do is cry, listen to sad music and drink wine that you bought from a gas station.


I know that cry anywhere. That is the sound of a man that's had his heart broken.