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Well then. That was quite the ending to White Collar Season 5.

On "Diamond Exchange," it seemed like all would be okay. Neal would be free. Peter and El would move to DC. Mozzie? He's live to be 200 years old at least.

But then some totally random person kidnapped Neal, changed the trajectory of the series and made us wonder: where could things possibly go from here?

Season 6 is a near lock from USA, but the question now remains: Should it represent the final White Collar season, based on the seemingly desperate ways this show is keeping Peter and Neal on the same radar?

Watch White Collar online now to view the finale and then chime in on that debate:

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White Collar Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Neal: Just like old times.
Peter: With the same outcome.

If you’re not a criminal, then what are you?