2 Broke Girls Review: Birth Control and Self-Control

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Caroline sure does have rotten luck with men.

I mean, the guys she goes out with are drop-dead gorgeous and all, but it seems like there is always something that makes their relationship not work out.

We’ve known for a while that Caroline’s latest crush, the absolutely drool-worthy Chef Nicholas, was married. But in 2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 17, we also found out that he and his wife had an open relationship.

So open in fact that his wife not only agreed to a Skype call with the woman her husband wanted to sleep with, but she gave permission faster than Max could toke up in the bathroom.

For a minute there, I thought that Caroline would take the wife’s consent and roll with it, but of course she had more morals than that and only agreed to a dinner.

But she is a red-blooded woman, so I didn’t really blame her when she started to lose control. I only watched that tango on my TV screen and it still had quite an effect on me.

Caroline: That should've been mine, I haven't had a hairgasm in years.
Max: She hasn't had any gasm in years.

In the end, Caroline was able to lean on her good friend Max for support, or in this case, for a Jacques-block. I have to wonder if things are truly over for Caroline and Nicholas, though, and a part of me thinks we will definitely see him back again.

As for Max and Deke, their relationship went to a whole new level. A level that involved commitment and a ring – well, not that kind of ring. I had a feeling she wouldn’t be able to remember to take her pills (funnily enough, those are probably the only kinds of pills she’d forget to take daily), so it was very sweet of Deke to offer to buy her a Nuva Ring.

See? You just pop them out one at a time. They're like Pez for sluts.


You just don’t see romance like theirs every day, folks. Theirs is a love that is meant to be, I can feel it. I predict a future wedding with cupcakes made into a wedding cake and a truck to tow the dumpster to a beach for their honeymoon. Mark my words.

My favorite bits:

  • Max’s wistful look as Han went sauntering by, no doubt condomless.
  • Oleg and his plethora of prophylactics… and his back-up freezer bag/rubber band method.
  • Immediately looking around my apartment to play “What Can We Turn Into a Condom?” I smell party game!
  • Chef Nicholas. Because hot.
  • Sophie’s reaction to Nicholas.
  • Caroline not being able to get out the words “student haircut.”
  • Max’s hair. That is all. Laugh out loud moment!
  • Max’s Dame Edna impression.
  • Sophie showing up to throw her hoo-ha into the ring. And that’s not even the oddest thing she’s ever said.
  • Max and Deke claiming they were too drunk to walk home and then demonstrating why.
  • Totally knowing exactly what kind of “ring” Deke had for Max, even before he whipped it out.

Should Caroline sleep with Nicholas now that his wife has given her permission?

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2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Caroline: Dammit, I got a straight one.
Max: What makes you think he's straight
Caroline: He keeps pushing my head down before I'm ready.

The Pill's like 50 bucks a month, that's more than it costs to raise a damn baby.