Suits Midseason Premiere Pics: It's Complicated

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It's almost time to Suits up again, TV Fanatics.

On Suits Season 3 Episode 11, things are going to get a little complicated for both Harvey and Mike as their personal lives prove to be obstacles at the office.

Oh, who are we kidding. Their personal lives are always getting in the way at the office!

On the 2014 premiere, however, Harvey's relationship Scottie threatens to get in the way when he gets stuck in the middle of a situation between Scottie and Jessica. How does a guy choose a side between business or pleasure? Don't pick, Harvey -- stay out of it!

Mike comes face to face with someone who drudges up memories of his past and the death of his parents while he's on a case. It sounds like we'll be treated to a lot more information about how fate and circumstances created Mike Ross. 

As Mike is fighting personal demons, Louis' suspicions threaten to expose his big secret. How close will he come to learning the truth about Mike? 

Check out photos from Thursday's return episode now:

Need to catch up prior to March 6? You can watch Suits online right here, right now!

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