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On Arrow Season 2 Episode 16, Lyla Michaels comes home from an operation for A.R.G.U.S. and when she's called back in Amanda Waller wants Diggle by her side.

Diggle learns about Task Force X -- The Suicide Squad. He also learns that the world isn't black and white and the criminals fighting for the woman charged with saving the world might be better people than the woman herself. He's confused.

Oliver's concern for the people he loves causes him to push them away, including Sara. Laurel gives him advice to do the opposite of what he believes. He's surprised but she's adamant.

Both Diggle and Oliver find themselves doing things they don't expect, but for the right reasons.

You can find out what motivates them and what actions they take when you watch Arrow online. Don't miss the beginnings of The Suicide Squad! 

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Arrow Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Gimme a break. This ain't no task force. Let's call it like it is. Welcome to the suicide squad.


I know exactly how this brotherhood works and right now it works for me.