Scandal Episode Promo: Who Got Shot?!?

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It's nice to know ABC isn't a giant liar, isn't it?

Promos for Scandal Season 3 Episode 13 had teased an epic, explosive, shocking concluding 30 seconds... and it's safe to say the drama lived up to those lofty expectations, as viewers sat stunned when Jake pulled his trigger.

But who did he shoot? James? David Rosen? WHO?!?

As promised in the following preview for Scandal Season 3 Episode 14, we need not wait more than a week to find out the answer:

Look for Sally to also schedule a meeting with the NRA on "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang," sending the White House into a tailspin as a result.

Watch Scandal online any time you need to catch up and click through photos from the impending hour now:

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Scandal Season 3 Episode 14 Quotes

Jake: It's unfortunate. Life is unfortunate. Random. Coincidental. Bad things happen to good people all the time.
Olivia: No, you make bad things happen to good people.

[to Adnan] I don't make bombs. I make money.