Suits Review: Take a Step Back

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It's amazing how one moment can change the trajectory of an entire hour.

For, Suits Season 3 Episode 13 those moments came in a three-pack.

From A. Elliot Stemple's return, to Louis and Scottie going head-to-head, to Mike and Jessica's conversation, they all had their moment to shine.

Hello Harvey My Old Rival

We've been flirting with the idea of Harvey not being fireproof; as human; as capable of failure. This episode played with that conundrum once more, pitting Harvey against a ruthless law school rival with many tricks, built on any form of manipulation which got the job done.

Stemple exhibited a similar streak and was determined to use it against Harvey. Surprisingly enough, Harvey actually sought out Jessica to aid in his recovery. Of course, the re-group is always where the real work gets done. And it is usually the case pulled out a win in the end.

But that wasn't the only rivalry brewing in the firm this week. Louis' travel snafu, and the by-laws he created to guide the firm, got his goat this week. The result was a classic - but no less entertaining - rivalry.

And neither party wasted a second playing nice.

Louis and Scottie went after each other with the big guns; it was quite the spectacular clash. Unfortunately, in the end, Harvey was forced to call this rivalry to a close, if only so he could pay the debt he owed Louis for keeping Mike's "secret." Time will only tell what the impact will be on his relationship with Scottie.

Time will also tell what the impact of Jessica and MIke's talk will be. It seems his big win exposed his greatest curse - that the current circumstances prevent him from being in the spotlight when he does something as outstanding as causing a corporate firm to admit wrongdoing.

Patrick Adams played the realization so well. In that exact moment, the whole tone of the episode changed for me. I CANNOT remember a time - at least not very recently - where I have internally felt the emotional pull of an episode shift like I did tonight. Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

So only one question remains: given the new rival that emerged from Harvey's past, which one do you love to hate?

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